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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Yo-Yo

Yo yo dieting weight goes ↓ weight goes ↑ weight goes ↓ weight goes ↑ and really.... all you do is end up going
           ←←←←← →→→→→→

I have some time... I think I'm to the task.. and I may just gain a few enemies after this.. but you know what.. don't care! 

I feel bad for people who are so desperate to lose inches (this in itself is a huge issue! Please read other posts about self worth,  self acceptance,  and the striving to be healthy and not stick thin) that they are willing to do whatever to their own bodies at whatever monetary cost. The industry of weight loss rather then health and wellness is atrocious.

I will let you in on a little secret.. regardless of what you are told, or how many studies are done to prove otherwise, or how much info, testimonials, or internet articles are handed to you to say this or that system works...  they only way to be healthy and ultimately lose excess inches is by moving your butt and eating a clean, healthy, well balanced diet.!

Have you dropped a few hundred bucks on a months supply of food from a bag? You lost 10lbs!! must work then right? How about the month when you start eating real food again? or dont buy into the system?, or come to the realization that it just isnt enjoyable? ... back up go the scales....often gaining back more then you lost. Not to mention that the majority of that crap is made in a lab & highly processed containing huge amounts of artificial flavours, preservatives, and fillers.

How about that all meat "diet" .. you know the one where its ok to eat pork rinds because its not a carb (hun?!?!? ) will you lose weight for a little while? Yep.. your body for into ketogenic fat burning.. but guess what.. when it realizes this and you start doing the opposite.. not to even mention vitamin, mineral counts, cholesterol levels etc et

Juice diets,  paleo,  cleanses, gluten free (when not medically necessary), pre-made frozen meals, blah blah blah ... people like to give a name to something, register it and start making money from it.... when really all you need is a little common sense.

Put down the cheesies,  grab an apple, and go for a walk after supper... and fix that idea in your head that the only way to beautiful is to be a size 2. 

Want to know whats beautiful? Here are some examples:

-radiant glowing skin from having excellent interior health & taking care of it
-muscles, curves,
-sweat and the heart health that comes with it
-confidence in this world that is full of self ridicule, and unrealistic beauty images
-bright big welcoming smile
-love for others and love for yourself

Dont get me wrong..I dont want fat on my body. I am willing to work my butt off to lose it. I am, however, still happy and comfortable in my own skin and although it may take longer to reach my goal, it will be done in a way so that it stays off and guess what...that is not done by being a yo-yo dieter.

Make the right choices, set long term, life changing goals, and remember that you are beautiful creature!

In health and happiness,

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