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Friday, 9 January 2015

Clean eating day 4

Whoops.. woke up a little late this morning and the kids and I were on the run.. my eating schedule got pushed back a bit but thats no problem.. just remember - you need to eat every 2-3 hours regardless of if your wake up time is 4am or 10am.

Breakfast 8am 2 poached eggs on rye toast, half an orange (kept the other 4ish slices for later), glass of water
Out the door.. No time for a coffee..get to the gym!

Snack post workout on the run I brought some dehydrated apples (these are delicious!! And ingredient list is as follows: apples  . They are crunchy like a chip and oh so good) and I had two arbonne fit chews for protein.
Spent a couple hours with my sons class and brought them fun.

Lunch.. more like a snack again as I had decor to put up and not really a ton of time. Yoghurt (typically prefer the greek unflavoured unsweetened but I was in a rush) , the other half of my orange and some leftover protein pancake from the other morning.
With my second liter of water I was not feeling much like another snack so just had a fit chew to keep my metabolism humming along.

Supper I roasted a whole chicken and I took off the skin before eating. Sweet potatoes crispy, veges ..water . I added a little siracha to my chicken. It was moist but I needed a kick. ** this is very close to what a pre figure competition meal would look like without the corn and add another green veg. 

Curtis and the kids fully enjoyed the crispy chicken skin :/ .
After supper COFFEE ! Ya.. I had been looking forward to it all day :)

Snack.. I had made soup from the chicken carcass and leftover veg. So I had a small bowl for a snack and right before bed I also had a tea.
Happy ( clean) Eating!

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