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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

This Girl Can

This Girl Can. Please Watch this..1.5minutes that shows you WOMEN SWEAT and SWEAT HARD.

S-W-E-A-T - mostly water, some minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, mag,iron, zinc, chromium+++), lactate (Lactic acid), and Urea.. Adults (YES MEN AND WOMEN) can sweat 2-4litres per hour..DRINK WATER PEOPLE!!

We have 2-4million glands in our bodies and their job is to regulate your skin and interior body temperature.  Too Hot? Here comes the sweat.  The heavier you are, the harder your body is woring so you may perspire more.  Stressed? Yep, your body will sweat because your interior temperature is skyrocketing (Yet another link to mental and physical health).  The fitter and healthier you are you also begin to sweat more and more easily becasue your body is getting more efficient at regulating its own temperature. Just like every other body system, you are made to adapt and conserve.

"Women dont sweat - They glisten"  WHAAAATTT???!!!??? I EFFING HATE this saying..who came up with this shit? Do we partly bring it on ourselves with the instagram, facebook, google, magazine images of women "working out" in skimpy cloths, fake eyelashes, glitter body dust and a full face of makeup?  COME ON PEOPLE...  Why is it ok for a man to be at the gym, sweating his ass off, pumping iron and pushing his limits, being smelly and soaked and only focussed on gains and goals and we are wait, let me put on my mascara before i text my friends on the elliptical.

Ok, so i am pushing extremes (i have seen many guys come to the gym to text their friends in the squat rack :/  )  But really..can we please get over this??  WOMEN SWEAT...we ALL sweat! your body is MADE TO SWEAT. It is something you should be proud of, you have worked hard to have that tshirt soaked through.

Let me tell, I SWEAT...BUCKETS. It stings my eyes i sweat so much. My forearms sweat, my shins sweat, i drip sweat from efvery part of my body when i am working out.  I dont need a sweater at home becadsue my body and my metabolism are humming.

I love the This Girl Can Campaign. It is focussed on women who are out to be healthy, to have fun, and to push their bodies and their minds.  It celebrates women doing their own thing, no matter how or what they look like in the process. It is a campaign that wants to prove that Judgment is a barrier that can be overcome and there is No Better Message then that!

Be Strong, Be Healthy, Inspire, and DO Your Thing!