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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Cacao nibs

Ever tried chocolate? ?? Who hasn't right!?!?!

I dont think it is actually possible to survive without the occasional bit of chocolate, especially when you hear about the antioxidants in dark chocolate (same reason we can justify red wine!!) ...I mean its practically good for you ;) .. so when choosing..pick the best quality, darkest chocolate you can handle. You will eat less and be more satisfied along with it being better for you.

In the mean time you can get that chocolate flavour and have it ACTUALLY BE GOOD FOR YOU.  This comes from the super food Cacao Nibs.

Cacao Nibs are actually the whole coca bean, roasted, removed from the husk and broken.. so you get that chocolate taste but without the sweetness.

You can grab and eat right from the bag..though a little on the bitter side, or you can add them to baking in place of chocolate chips, I love them in granola where there is already a natural sweetness from honey or maple syrup or something. Pretty much wherever you use chocolate pieces or cocoa you can substitute cacao nibs for a much healthier addition.

So..why eat them? Whats good about them? Why have they earned the title of super food? 

Well first and tastes like chocolate and its good for you..thats super right there.

Fiber 1oz/9grams of nibs... thats way more then the big fat Zero you get eating a chocolate bar.

Magnesium one of THE BEST dietary sources of magnesium which is important for muscle and nerve functions
Iron essential in red blood cell production

Antioxidants - incredible amount of antioxidants especially if eaten raw.

PEA (phenylethylamine) - which is a chemical that our body makes and is also fo in in the cacao nibs. It makes your pulse quicken, alertness, focus and makes you happy!

Anandomide - this also has feel good properties with the molecular shape representing that if THC (my granola friends wont need to google this, but if you are unfamiliar with THC ..check out why this gives you a boost)

Theobromine - this is a nervous system stimulant that dilated the blood vessels (much like caffeine) . So if coffee affects you in a negative way, you may want to go easy on the nibs.

You can see now why this combination is so powerful and good for your health!

And did I mention they taste great?

Below is the wiki definition and explanation of cacao you can see the fruit, the raw seeds and the roasted.

Be educated, make good choices and stay healthy!

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