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Thursday, 26 February 2015

How much is too much?

How often do you exercise?
For how long?
How many days/week and what distance apart?

The majority of people are trying to fit in more work out time... but there are a few (ahem) who will put gym time before most other things (including but limited to laundry and washing floors ;) pn top of the time i schedule for workouts,  if I have an hour (or more) to spend in town between dropping kids off and picking them up for extra curricular activities or an hour between wedding consultations, or time sandwiched between coffee with a friend sharing my arbonne products and picking up kids from gym bagged is packed and thats where ill be. I have often worked out twice in a day

-(weights in morning then cardio at night)  -(HIIT in morning with weights and class at night)
-(hiit and weights in morning then another weights for other muscle group at night)
-(cardio, weights in morning and active yoga at night)
-(workout am then roller derby at night)

This may sound crazy to some but I need to burn and I need my body exhausted. If I have tons of energy at night I wont sleep till 2am and that happens more often then not.

With adding the kickboxing classes twice a week at night and really pushing through morning workouts.. the last two fridays my muscles have been tired and toasted and I love that feeling ♥♥♥♥

Can you over training ?absolutely but most people are not even close to that and over training is a combination of depleting your body physically but also with diet. If you are marathon training, lifting weights and change your diet to a low protein, low carb, low fat.  Your body might give you some warning signs. If you are unsure, talk to a certified personal trainer, talk to your doctor and talk to a nutritionist, read my blog ;) and many others about health and exercise nd eating clean.

Every body is different.

Some basic rules:

-exercise at least 3-4times a week and up to 6
-never train the same muscle group back to back
-allow for recovery time
-eat!!!!! (Clean)
-3-5litres of water daily
-know the different types of muscle pain and treat accordingly
-both cardio and lifting (heavy)weights will give you the biggest change in stored fat, heart health, and strength
-understand that the number on the scale is not necessarily a reflection  of how healthy you are!!!!

Xoxoxo  love you all!

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