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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Holidays & Food

Every holiday revolves around food. Why is that?

Valentines was this past weekend and of course.. I want to make a yummy supper..all of my husbands favorite things which also happen to be not so good for you :/ . I find a little comfort in the fact that it is always from scratch but regardless... the calorie count is still high.

I make sure to have a glass of Arbonne full control before such an event which helps to keep the quantity i consume under wraps.. I also make sure I enjoy every bite.  Focus on how food tastes, eat slowly, enjoy it, sit, relax, take your time. You will eat less.

Valentine's day isnt complete without chocolate either.  Again..enjoy it, dont feel guilty and then continue your typical eating right after.  One of the issues with indulging is we somehow come up with "oh well I already ruined today's diet" and then a greesy poutine lunch becomes takeout supper, and then a bag of Doritos befor bed.

Dont give up on yourself!!!!!!!!!

This weekend was also family day and so to get out of the house (it was -35 the two days before! !) And to do something active with the kids we went to our local ski hill. Even at -25 Grace and Blake (and nieces and friends!) were troopers. I love skiing and i love it more that it is a sport we can all do together.

We started the kids skiing at 3 and 5 and it allnif the triednpatienxe, sore back from skiing between our legs, and a few tears has truly paid off as now they are independent,  can hit the blue trails, and keep up to me. With Blakes hockey schedule we dont get out a much as I would like but it is fun when we do. Now, watching them ski and go up the tow with their own friends brought back huge childhood memories as my sister and I would take the bus every weekend to go to this very hill. Seeing how much they have grown makes me incredibly proud :D

What a great weekend.

Be Healthy!


Ps..check out this youtube video of our beautiful hill!!! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓←

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