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Thursday, 26 February 2015


Wow, ok.. for some.reason Maddy and I can get ourselves into many interesting situations ;) .. people talk to us, ask our opinions, and we get invitations to many things. I think its becasue we are always happy,  always having a good time, we are intense, we have a wide group of friends ..all ages, all backgrounds,  we are humble and open to hearing advice and suggestions and number one is that we truly love life and give off a positive energy that attracts some pretty amazing people.

Last week was full of amazing people!

First, the kick boxing class is doing amazing and the incredible ladies that signed up are feeling it and seeing results. It is intense and fun and I think I could kick box every day of the week :D

Crank up some heavier tunes, focus on the pads and you wont even hear how heavy you are breathing! Recommendations from this old girl:

More human then human -Rob Zombie

Save yourself - Stabbing westward

Lose Yourself - Eminem

She Hates Me - Puddle of Mud

Time bomb - Rancid

We also connected with a friend who has been offering to teach us some self defense moves and it hasnt works out until last week . Dylan is a regular at the gym (when he is not in some remote camp diamond drilling) and I have often admired his intensity when working out. He has a passion for jiujitsu, he is calm and professional and very confident (esp for being in his early 20's!) and he trains with a professor out of sudbury. We are very lucky to have him in our gym, and even more lucky for Maddy and I to have some time with him.

After two days with Dylan showing us technique, submissions, and self defense I already find myself youtubing jiujitsu whenever I can!  It is a total body workout..especially your core (and not for the faint of heart); it is strength and flexibility;  it is keeping calm under pressure; it is thought and problem solving; and more then is technique. 

A 150lb jiujitsu can easily take down a 250lb body builder. (Hence the self defense from a womens point of view!!) Jiujitsu is more like a chess game then a typical sport and yes you can get hurt but you tap out when you start to feel it. What we are learning is more about being able to defend and protect yourself. It is incredibly important to work with the right person!!!

I love the fact that with learning these submissions and self defense I can now (with more practise :) get out of someone choking me. I can put a guy on his back if he grabs me. And I have a little better arsenal of personal safety moves then just a kick to the nuts.

I wont stop my regular weight lifting (I love growing muscles and strength) , I definitely wont stop kick boxing (sometimes you just need to hit something!) , and I wont stop cardio ( cardiovascular health is very important!!) But i will be adding in some jiujitsu whenever I can!

The link below is to show you some of the basic jiujitsu submissions. Check it out! If it interests you, I can get you in touch with my friend Dylan :)

Beginners and Teachers Welcome: Ten Basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques:

Be healthy, have fun, LIVE!!!

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