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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Chia seed pudding.. my new favorite snack

Snack.   Snack. ..dont you love that word? Say it a few times... i love how snappy it is, and I also love the meaning behind it!

Chia seeds.. (pronounced cheeeaaahhh) im sure you have heard of them as they have quickly become a household name and with their incredible health benefits..i hope you not only try them but keep as a pantry staple.

Seeds are small but mighty!

A very quick, easy and delicious snack is made with this powerhouse superfood. It will give you long lasting energy,  keep you feeling full and prevents this blood sugar dips that make us crave sugary sweets... Chia seed pudding.

1/4cup chia seeds I to a mason jar or bowl. Add 1c milk (cows milk, almond milk, cocount milk, brown rice milk..your choice!) A teaspoon of maple syrup or honey and a splash of vanilla. Let it sit for three hours or I will make it the night before and throw in the fridge.. morning is just grab and go!

The seeds become gelatinous makeing the pudding thick and creamy.  Yesterday I used coconut milk and i felt like I was eating something very sinful!!

Yiu can add pretty well anything you want to the mix... peanut butter, cocoa, pumpkin, pureed fruits.. anything at all!

Such a yummy snack.


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