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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Take a bow Miss C!

Have you seen the untouched, non Photoshopped Cindy Crawford image? I hope you have.   What about the overly Photoshopped Kardashian butt? (How again are these people famous?? ) 

Please check out the link above from a very empowering,  confident, and healthy role modle Tosca Reno ... not only has she put Clean Eating on the map , she is also an Arbonne user :), and she has truly inspired thousands to live a better, more fulfilled life. Love Tosca!!!

Now, dont get me wrong.  I think there is something wrong with applauding people who are obese... does that change me loving them as ?? Of course not. How they live their life is up to them... and I will certainly be their biggest cheerleader if they put their own health first and look at their diet and exercise plan..

HUGE BUT!!! Being accepting and loving of every person on this glorious earth is certai nky something I try to do and taking the focus off of being a size two and on to being healthy with a strong heart, low cholesterol,  no diabetes,  and energy to spare is nothing but a GOOD thing.

It is refreshing to see people be REAL.

To quote Tosca in the above link (again..please check it out!)

"A beautiful woman is one who is on an evolutionary path searching for her strengths, know in her weaknesses and loving herself despite it all".

Choose to be healthy and choose to love yourself enough to go out into this world and make it your own.


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