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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Dream stealers

Dream Stealers.. you know the ones.. they come by many names but in general they are all critics...some even come across on a loving way but the agenda is the get you to stop work I towards your goals.

9times out of 10, in my experience,  you are drawing attention to something they are lack in in their life and so, it makes them feel better to bring you down rather thwn acknowledge their own feelings. The last one.percent cones across from a loving heart "oh honey, you are looking too skinny, better eat and get some.meat on this bones" . ... I've heard this comment when I was a size 8 size 10 and size 12 and weighed from 100lbs to 150lbs. . . Seriously.

Point being- be confident I  who you are, know that you DESERVE to be fit, healthy, successful, independent and anything else you want to be. Be strong enough to thank the people who are "concerned for your health & well being" and do whatever the &#^#of* you need to do to achieve your goals.

  I am in no way saying develop an eating disorder, workout so much you will burn out, or throw common sense out of the window.. im just saying that the person who is scoffing at your premade healthy lunch of chicken, veg and quinoa may be the Same person biggie sizing their drive through takeout. The Same person telling you your new busienss venture wont work is complaining daily about their monday to friday office J.O.B (in direct sales we refer toma job as Just Over Broke :) ) ... and the very same person criticizing you strutting your stuff on stage in a tiny bikini is wishing they could do the same.

Be your own best motivational speaker. This is your life and no one can walk in your shoes, be comfortable in your own skin, pay your mortgage, or walk on life's stage like you can.

My friends, every day, tell yourself that you are worth it and there will be a day that you believe it will be true. I wish you could see yourself how others see you. You would be surprised at how amazing you are!!!! Be it, live it, dream of what you want and dont, for one second, let Dream Steelers convince you otherwise.

Love you health & happiness, always letting your lights shine! !!


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