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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Do a little dance★★★★★

I am currently away in the beautiful city of Montreal for the annual Canadian Arbonne Conference to learn and grow as a consultant and to have some crazy fun with my team and sidelines.
Although technically I am "working" really, it feels much more like a vacation..and we all know how hard it is to stay on track on vacation right!'s my thing.... no matter where you eat there at always good and not so good choices. I hope that when you're away you choose unique restaurants that are very much a part of the local foodie scene. .fresh, local ingredients. Last night some friends and I went to an incredible restaurant, shared many dishes (incl dessert) and had a few glasses of wine... food is one of the greatest joys of this life..and indulging a little is ok.... fantastic even! This is not what kills the diet and packs on the is the every day habits that do that. 
Ive attached a pic of the, pork chop, steak, scallops...OMG ... really truly amazing and restaurant is owned by an incredible chef Chuck celebrity crush going on.. especially after tasting his food!!!!!

\ of my favorite exercises... DANCING!!! When you dance the night away. As long as you at not consuming copious amount of booze and soda.. you are golden!
An hour of dancing can burn anywhere from 300-600+ calories depending on your moves ;) ... plus it works different muscle groups and gets your heart rate pumping! Personally I need little alcohol to become a dancing queen and at this point on my life dont care what my crazy moves look like to anyone else! Just there for a good time :

Lastly - Make sure you drink Loads of H20!!!

Flying home tonight and cant wait to see my family and back at the gym! Before I depart going to take a 8km round trip hike up Mount Royal here in this beautiful city.... always looking for ways to burn calories, bring a sense of self and peace!! Decided instead of the large hotel, to stay In a Buddhist Meditation Center and it was amazing to be able to come back after fun and craziness and relax, mellow and meditate!

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