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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Find a friend

Workouts are always harder ~ and more fun!! ~ with a friend!!!!

You wont wimp out, you wont "forget" your last set, and you wont notice time flying by when you have someone pumping right beside you :)

IF you find the right match.

I once worked out with someone who didnt like to didnt last long :/ . .

I have had some of the most incredible workout partners..My dear friend Debbie Loach is a trainer, competitor, has 6 kids and is an amazing mom, and has taken home more bling from more competitions. .I thi k she has a seperate room now ;) . Deb pushes me past my limits.

Val Kennedy is also a dear friend and one of the most loving open hearted people you will ever meet. We had been talking about competitions for quite some time as she has trained some excellent fitness, figure and body building competitors.

A very new friend, met through Roller Derby, Cider Queen :) is completing her personal training and kick boxing and we have been fast friends since we met. Love being on the Track with Maddy and working in some gym time too.

With these ladies, my time at the gym fly by. Yes, usr I like working out on my own, blaring the music (I almost said I giving away my age ;) ) and ignoring every soul in the place while I hit the iron. .but mostly..I want it to be fun.

Find a buddy..some one you can call when you feel like eating the entire brownie pan, someone who will get you to the gym, who will give you an honest opinion about your progress, and someone you love to be around. Surrounded yourself with positive people my friends!!!

AND if you cant find that person who fits with your beliefs, and your schedules. HIRE SOMEONE! it will be the best money you will ever spend on your journey to a better you. (More about the benefits of a PT in a later post)

..for example my BFF and I are alike on many many ways but gym time isn't one of them..thats ok! Lorna and I hang out and do many other things togther (beer olympics anyone? :) ) including raising our kids side by have many people in your life that fill different roles. .embrace those roles and dont be afraid of dropping a partner to find one that is a better fit.

Love you ladies, and thanks for being in my blog and in my life!!!!

Xo Kara

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