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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Fitting it all in

Janitor, accountant, judge, chef, business woman, entrepreneur, taxi driver, mom, wife, sister, friend..that is a lot of hats to wear and each of these has certain duties and requirements that may take a significant amount of time to accomplish. ..and is it thwn also possible to fit in the the things I want to do...just for me - gym time, roller derby, pottery, quilting and craft projects, reading, get the idea... and i am not alone! This is how we run right? !?!

Here is the answer my friends:

If you Own your Time, you Own your Life

Ok ok do you "own" your time? My putting priorities first. .by pick I the activities that at non negotiable and work I the rest in around it....hence the need for a calender!  Sure, there are many apps and online scheduling calendars. .personally I like the old fashioned paper and pen..well correction.... paper and (many) coloured pens.

Physically write in whats on tap, colour co-ordinated and you will be amazed how much time you will "find"

For example..on the calender:

Orange: work/weddings
Pink: Graces activities
Blue: Blake's activities
Yellow: Roller Derby
Green: Arbonne
Red: Date night
Purple: Gym

Etc etc... have as many colours as you want... and stick to the schedule!!!

This doesnt mean their wont be some unexpected changes..I mean we have kids sometimes plans go right out the window :) but you will get so much more accomplished AND fit in time for yourself too.

Have an Amazing week! Xo Kara

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