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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Measurements. .. own it!

Throw out the unless you are preggers, get to of that bloody emotional roller coaster.

First off.... if your lifting weights you are going to gain some muscle and muscle weighs more then the scale really isn't giving you a true reading of your progress.

Second.... weight can vary in a short period of time...within the same day even. is so hard for the mental game when you see an increase in numbers...often giving us the "well im up half a pound, this half a cheesecake wont matter much now" rational. 

There are many great ways of keeping track of your success, with #1 being how you feel, how your cloths fit, and by keeping a journal.

The other two...more scientific ways, are by tracking you BMI or Body Mass Index. Your doctor, chiropractor, personal trainer may be able to help you with this. I personally do measurements as this is convenient,  can be done with your workout buddy, and really lets you know your muscles gain and fat loss.

For men..most are looking for continuous gains until competition time when they are cutting for definition. Myself and most women are looking at losing size, flab and gaining some muscle and definition.

Here are my starting measurements...significantly different from pre knee injury..but im owning them, im proud of myself,  and liv my body and know I will be able to make it even better.

Chest 35 1/5".. yes yes..this is.pretty much the width around my lats and back.. nursing babies really does a number on breast tissue

Biceps 12" . This is non flexing measurement and you tape half way between inner elbow and shoulder. Once I get my curling weight up and I notice an increase I will probably measure non flex and flex

Waist 30 1/4"this is measured right at the belly button

Hips 38" im curvy, what can I say ;)

Thighs 24 1/4" this is my "problem" area... the first place I gain weight and the last place I lose it. Working on it!

Calf 15" I have always had muscular calfs and my goal here is to cut and define so high high reps and low weights are  in order

You xan also weigh yourself if you really MUST. Try to do it at the same tine every day so that you can keep it as consistently as possible , and whatever you do, dont let the read affect your day.

Ok so here is my call to action for everyone:

Grab a friend, a flexible tape, and your journal and record your measurements. You dont need to show a sole..just record and every couple of weeks or I will be doing it monthly, record your progress! Seeing it in black and white will help keep you on goal.

Own your body, own your choices and decisions, own your time, and own your life. Dont make this commitment becasue you are not good enough; make this commitment becasue you deserve to be the best you can be and you want more.


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