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Friday, 31 October 2014

Liquid calories :'(

If you can drink it.. it doesnt count. PFFFFF !!! The coffee shop and convenience store offers a wealth of liquids that can throw your "diet" right off the tracks.

Do you love your frappuccino with flavour shot and extra whip? A Starbucks Peppermint (ahh sound s like a spa) white  Chocolate Mochaccini contains (not including the artificial colours and flavours) a crazy 78grams of sugar.. SEVENTY EIGHT.... in a coffee!!! I dare you to sit and eat 20 teaspoons of sugar (this is the equivalent people!) And not feel sick? Lets not even get into what is a so called fitness drink or the gallons upon gallons of soda that Canadians consume.
Just because it comes in liquid form does not mean it wont pack on the pounds!

Can these things be a treat? Sure. Can they be a daily occurrence? Not unless you are ok with the 15-20 extra pounds a year you will be adding.

Here it is in black and white.... if you consume it.. count it. You are only cheating yourself if you dont. 

How do you break the liquid habit? First.. always have water with you. Second.. make a healthier choice. Switch to a fruity herbal tea, back off on the cream and sugar in your cup of Joe, incorporate the calories in that glass of wine into your daily total instead of just ignoring, and lastly. . Like all cravings.. most go away in a few minutes so dont cave right away! Have a glass of h2o, give yourself 10min and if you are still wanting that starburst thin mint salted caramel shortbread cotton candy flavoured cream filled "coffee" well, then make it a small instead of a xtra tall double Grande ;)

Your liquids can be fuel and hydration to make your well oiled machine run or it can drag you onto the ditch.

Make wise choices by being informed!
Stay healthy my friends, 


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Don't Flash Me ;)

Hey all!! So I get it.. I will never please everyone. Im fine with that.

I realize doing a blog I will have people who dont agree with me, and I encourage a little challenge no problem!!! It is the best way to learn and grow :)

Of all the things I have posted so far.. one that keeps coming up in conversation (mostly with guys) is that I like to wear gloves. Really? Thats what your complaining about?

Here's my response .. I love them.. I dont want calluses and rough hands..(like it for a man to have a little roughness... Sure.. but not for me) supports my wrists and feels good. Our style,  our workouts, our goals are all very different.. I will keep wearing my gloves.. if you dont want to.. np, no sweat off my back!

Saw this post on a friends facebook and thought you would all enjoy it.. for the guys!


Ok so i think this post may become a regular that is often updated as "issues" come up.. ha!

So this is kind of a funny one..only becasue I didnt really notice.. but again.. it just keeps coming up! In my original post I have a picture of my knee post surgery when the staples came out.. and yep.. I have hair on my leg! !! Well.. so, I do shave.Often actually. I also wax, epilate, and body sugar but really this us a WHOLE OTHER POST! So the picture is actually in between casts and the surgeon wasn't will in to gice me an extra 10 to give my leg a once over.. you should have seen it after 15 weeks!!! So.. i guess, I appologize if the hair insulted anyone.. actually no.. i dont really care but thought you all deserved a bit of an explanation :) .. hair removal post to come closer to  competition ;) .

Long Cardio sesh (yawn!!! ;) )

So my last post I talked about changing up your workouts and not getting stuck in a rut.

Here's  a secret you should know about me and my training.. I am NOT a marathon runner.. I am not a fan of long drawn out cardii sessions.... get in, get it done, sweat as much as possibly in as little time as possible is my style.

I onced trained for a half marathon with my sister Tanya.  It took everything I had, we trained through the long cold snowy northern ontario winter long befor the sun came up.. never would I have done this on my own but right there is the power of having an awesome partner and trainer.

So back to my confession.   In all honesty if you can burn 250-350+ calories in 25 minutes .. why would you take 60minutes to do the same thing??? Ok ok so I realize this is a personality thing and some peeps love a good long run to clear the mind and not necessarily for weight loss.. sure.. a mile in 4min and a mile in 40min is STILL a mile.. so dont get discouraged by what im saying.. BUT if you could do your mile, hit some core, chest and back all in the same time frame is this not a better use of time?

Please check out my post about tje benefits of HIIT training as this is a go to for me and will really get your body shedding fat and boosting that metabolism..

Now.. to stay true to my word and truly mix things up my goal today is 60min on the bike...  ill let you know how it goes.

(Please note I would t post my goal with the complete intent on achieving it.. but ill post the pic anyways :D )

DAMN! Well this tells you how often I hit the 60min mark on the bike.... it resets to a 5min cool down and brings you back to level 1 :( no pic  but.. all good.. I did it... calories burned and workout change up. 

Now some biceps and triceps, sauna and then Halloween baking for the kids classes.

Love you all and thank you for your support, encouragement, and love ♥


Getting comfortable

Its been a few days!!! I have still been doing all of the right things.. well with the exception of a really fun Halloween dance  this past weekend where I did a lot of all the wrong things ;) but fun was had, best couples costume was won (yep.. thats Curt a little out of his comfort zone perhaps?? And me a little too into being Slash for the night :/)

Which brings me to todays post as i was lookin through my journal and noticed I like to hit up the  recumbent bike a little too often for warm up. Yes, ive still been doing the HIIT cardio but thought I should change up my warm up as I like to get good and sweaty befor I touch any iron.

So..for the first time post cast I jumped on the rowing machine.. something I used to love like crazy becasue of the intense workout it gives for your entire body.. taking the Tabata mentality I did short bursts of quick rows followed by resting periods of moderate rowing - 30sec of each.. after 25min I was dripping and ready to do glutes.

Look back through your journal every once in a while, take note of any patterns as this can really kill your fitness gains.

Comfort = Little progress

Keep pushing, keep your goals in sight and visit them daily, stay motivated and be a light in this world!! Xo


Monday, 27 October 2014

Honest about our Bodies

This is a great video if you have a few minutes!

Be healthy and happy my friends


If People Were Honest About Women's Bodies:

Friday, 24 October 2014

Fatty Fruits

Sure... its full of fat but AVOCADOS contain the healthy kind (Monounsaturated) and so that 30ish grams actually help you fight the bulge, keep your heart healthy too AND you get to eat their deliciousness without the guilt...all while getting folate, fiber, cholesterol lowering phytosterols, potassium (more then a banana!), and are super filling so you eat less!

Excellent in guacamole of course, mix with egg salad, throw into your chocolate protein shake, I love them so much!!!  ..smashed on toasted rye bread with a little pepper and it couldnt get any of my favorite breakfasts/lunch/treats.. even better with some garlic ;)

They are ripe and ready to eat when the skin is dark but still firm. Cut in half, pop out the seed and scoop out the beautiful green innards!

Thats some healthy snacking :)


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Popping pills

I have found some incredible things on the sale rack... i mean who doesnt like buying stuff at 10, 20  50%+ off right!?!?! 

This is all well and good until we stary talking pills. ... vitamins that is!!

Lets face it, the foods that are commercially grown nowadays just dont contain the same vitamins & minerals they used to.. and pair that with how scheduled filled, takeout style life we run, it is pretty much a guarantee that you are not getting the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, and probiotics that your body requires to work at its peak; and thats where excellent quality vitamins and suppliments come in. Vitamins dont replace a healthy diet.. they enhance it.

Inexpensive, quality lacking, poorly digestible vitamins are mass marketed and sold at bargain prices becasue they contain fillers, coatings that disable break down, binders and a whole lotta crap that actually can do more damage than good..if your body can even digest it!

Your vitamins should have an excellent absorption rate (rated by the ORAC score) and contain pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients with no fillers and definitly no mineral oil based coatings. 

Arbonne vitamins contain a multi vitamin, multimineral,  probiotics, supergreens and digestive and they have an incredible orac score... you feel the difference when you take them. Adhearing to European standards we follow a much more strict ingredient formulation process then North American standards.

Remeber, the FDA and health canada can only certify the contents of the pills...not if your body will absorb it.. know your pills before you pop them people!!!

What the average body needs depends on many things..size, shape, activity level, time spent outside,  sex (as in if you are male or female.. the other falls under activity level ;) )and of course your diet.

You should check with your doctor and do some research on what your body needs. I can tell you what I take.. I love the prepack Arbonne vitamins. The women's formula is specific for the GI Tract and is hif her in things we need most (iron for example) . I dont have to worry about combining different vitamins a and how much of each. I also take Arbonne Omega 3,  the joint support (hello bad knees!), and the arbonne Calcium though I get most of my calcium through food.

I also take BCAA's and creatine when I am hitting weights hard to help developers muscle and aid in recovery.

My body works more efficiently and I feel fantastic when vitamins and diet are on point. This is a non negotiable in my books even though I eat healthy. Excellent quality Vitamins are well worth it.


Once you go Greek......

Greek yoghurt that is ;) .

Did you kbow that greek yoghurt has 3x times more protein then the regular stuff?

It is also not as pasteurized leaving more of the good bacteria our gut needs to stay healthy and keep our immune in top work in order.

It is an excellent healthy snack. Mix in your own berries (rather then buying the premixed, sugar laden varieties), homemade granola, I love adding in protein powder for a post workout "pudding" and it is an excellent substitute for sour cream or mayo.

Buy organic. Choose one low in sugar. Even kick it up a notch and look for a product called "Kefir". It is also a fermented milk product and contains huge amounts more probiotics then regular yoghurt and greek yoghurt!. Add it into smoothies, or mix with some of your greek yogurt as it contains more strains of  bacteria and yeast then in traditional yogurts. Kefir is excellent for all ages from babies to elderly and is very easy to digest.. highly recommend!

Did you know "probiotics"  actually means "for life" ..  can you guess what "antibiotics" means... :( . If you ever have to take antibiotics... dont forget your servings of life too! And its not just meds that deplete those digestive enzymes..stress, sugar, processed foods, antibiotics eaten through our farmed meat, and pesticides through commercial growing practises all play a part in killing our immune system.

Go greek for a healthy and filling snack!

Up the Intensity Factor ☆

So you have set aside gym time.. congrats, thats step number one. Now.. are you going to burn 200 calories or 800 calories today?

If you are there, why not make the most of it?  INTENSITY is what will make the difference.

Ok, so if you know me..he I can be fairly intense ;) (in all aspects of my life) .. why play small right!?!? But there are specific ways you can really pump it up and come out of the gym with amazing results. Some are mental, some physical...combining both is where you want to be.


1-don't get stuck in a routine... that word "routine" it makes my teeth grind :/ .. your body will get used to doing the same exercises and you wont see the gains/loses that you deserve.. plus it is so easy to get stuck in that repetitive motion.  Ideally 2-4 weeks is the longest you should maintain a regular workout schedule... personally, I change it up every week. That doesn't mean that tuesday cant be chest and back... sure it can! But the exercises you do should be different.

2- change from machines to free weights. Dont be intimidated by thise muscle heads in the free weight room. You paid the same amount of money for your membership.  You deserve that space too! You will use many many more muscles by using dumbells and bar bells rather then a cybex. Stability and balance and using your core to support the bar, you will burn more calories and see greater definition (and it is much more intense and takes greater concentration).

3- increase your weight.. ok I know this seems obvious.. but REALLY back to that routine thing again.. we often just grab the 15lb dumbells for hammer curl becasue thats what we have always done... up it! Struggle through the last few reps!

4- Superset. This is awesome and a great way to save time. You do your reps without rest between just changing up the exercise. You can superset in different ways.. opposite muscle groups (chest/ back → bench press/lat pull down) , you can superset a cardio move and weight lifting move (skipping 60seconds/squats) or you can superset the same muscle group ( abs → crunchies/plank)

5- forced reps or drop sets. Both of these really fatigue your muscles (which is what you want!) Forcing a rep is when you cant do any more, grab a spotter and try to get a couple more. Yes it will burn, but you will see awesome results :) . Drop sets are higher in reps becasue you perform a  set, the drop weight and keep going. (Biceps → hammer curls with 15lbs for 10 reps, drop to 12 lbs for 10 reps, drop to 10lbs for 10 reps and repeat 3x times) you will be amazed at how heavy that last set will feel. ♥ it!

6- try something new. Never been to a step class? Trx training?  Kickboxing?  Never had a trainer?  What about cross fit? Many classes have drop in rates.. try it out!  Your body will not know what hit a good way! :D

~ Mental ~

7- finally.. some thing's I have touched on before but want to make sure I include : grab a partner. .nothing like someone cheering you on to complete that last set to get it done. Grab some music. .. my workouts are always nor intense when im lost in the sick beats of some 80/90's grunge band .   Go public with your goals...tell some friends, post to your facebook, send it out on your Twitter feed.. when you are held accountable, intensity in workouts goes ↑ . Watch your downtime.. dont spend your hour chitchatting, running back and forth to the fountain, or reading a fitness mag on the stationary bike. Sure, there is tine for all of those thing's. workout.

Get In..... Get it done.....
Xo Kara

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

TRX.... yowza's!!!

Started today's chest and back with a little TRX work. My local gym just installed two and so Maddy and I were eager to incorporate them into the workout.  INSANE love! :)

3sets if each press, row, flys and reverse flys and aligators

holy shaking arms! Then Mercy (Maddy :) ) did dome knee crunches and I did crunches without TRX... just cant bring my knee in yet :/.

Then upping the intensity factor we superset the same muscle group until exhaustion....

-Pull ups / full range pull downs
-Incline weighted bar press/flat bench dumbell press
-bosu ball.push ups / standing rows

I can barely hold the oh on to blog at the moment as weights were upped too.. love pushing myself!

Sauna, shower, and food prep today as the weekend was busy and didnt get it done..

Below is an amazing TRX workout website with a lot of videos and info. It can be set up in your house, doesnt take a lot of room, and is a killer workout. Check it out!

Stay healthy friends!

***also did a treadmill session.. 20min incorporating some incline and side steps.. dont forget to warm up and get your heart pumping!!!

Monday, 20 October 2014

No Time.... INTENSE Workout!

So I missed the boat on the whole spring cleaning thing. Mine is more of a late fall..frig the kids still have their summer cloths in their closet kinda cleanup. Spent the morning defrosting and cleaning out the fridge and freezer and drcided to hit the gym in the afternoon. Buzzing along at home I didnt leave myself much time to workout, sauna, blog, and shower and pick the kids up from school on time so I went to a good ole standby that realky works up a sweat in no time at all... BOXING.

Started with a Tabata type warm up... basically pick 8-12 exercises and do them full out for 30 seconds. I try not to rest between exercises just making sure I hit different groups.  Heres what I did:
Jumping jacks, speed skaters (knee issues so dont as intense), Russian twist, mountain climbers, wall sit, push up, high knees, side plank (30ea side), ab walk ups

I did two rounds and got pretty warm then grabbed the boxing gloves. I dont like the big ones but you need some padding.. and more then just your weight lifting gloves. .learned that lesson the hard way :/

I make up combinations of jabs, hooks and uppercut with adding some light knee kicks in too. I repeat whatever combination ive come up with for at least 20-30 per arm.

Lead jab, straight punch (30ea, 2 sides)
Body jab
Body hooks

After each side does 30 of each exercise I skip for a minute and repeat this sequence two more times

Then lead jab, second hook  (or the old 1-2) .. do these as fast as you can.. again 30/side repeat 3x times with skipping in between

Fast feet moves then with the 1-2 jab jump switch to left side lead jab 1-2 jump back to right Side lead jab. Repeat this 20x  3 sets... yikes... you will need a rest.

Then I drop sets of each move on each arm to finish up the workout

Lead jab 15 right side, 15 left,  right side 10, 10 left, 5right , 5ish left. Rest and repeat

Do this for each move.. jab, hook and uppercut and you will be sweating and breathing hard by the end of the session... rest between moves.

Proper boxing technique is important so do some research on stance,  posture, arm positions, and movement. I realky like Derek Panza youtube videos.. he is clear, knows what he is talking about and easy to look at ;).. picture below.. youre welcome .

K.. shower time! I have been sweating so much the salt is stinging my eyes.. fat crying my friends.. fat crying. You will be sore the next day.. but it is that muscle building..very productive, you know you had a killer workout day kinda sore that gets very very addicting!!! :D

Keep shining and keep sweating!!! Coco

Ps.. music is a must for this workout!! Something heavier a strong beat that you can crank right up!! The headstones were my personal choice today!  

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ladies can lift! Busting Myths :)

Start getting some muscle tone and you will start to hear a lot of things out of a lot of peoples mouths! There are SO many misconceptions surrounding ladies and weight lighting. of the reasons most women focus on the treadmill.  Here are my top 5 womens lifting myths and why they just aren't true!

1- weight training will make you look like a man - 100% not true!!! Women physically do not have enough testosterone to really bulk up.  It is absolutly impossible to see muscle gains like men do. When I say "weight lifting" and if the first thing that comes to mind is the professional level womens body building.. huge mass, square jaw, manly faces.. these ladies are taking synthetic hormones (known as anabolic steroids)  to give them this look. While I admire their commitment and tenacity to the sport, that is not the look im going for and not the norm when it comes to ladies pumping iron. Personally, my natural body shape does allow me to gain and keep decent size muscles, but even at my "biggest" in terms if muscles, I was my smallest in terms of measurments (see first blog post "walking the stage" for a picture of me at my biggest!   women dont get large by lifting weights.. women get large by eating donuts.

2- Weight training will make you Exhausted . WRONG AGAIN! Exercise and weight training gives you energy! Think of Tuesday after the long thanksgiving weekend.. too much food, not enough exercise, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym... compare that with regular gym visits and you will be dying to get there! I love being fit and healthy enough to wrestle with my son, play other team sports, help my husband cut and pile wood, and keep up to my daughter on roller skates :) . Do I get sore muscles. Absolutly!!! Do I have energy.. you bet! 

I have known people who overtrain (marathon running with many othe physical activities and little sleep). and/or dont follow a proper diet and are caloric deficit and therefor do get quite exhausted...but this is a diet issue, not a weight training issue. You lift weights, you need to eat.

3-as soon as you stop your muscle will turn to fat . How is this even possible?  That is like saying gold will turn into iron, or blue eyes will turn is physically not possible as they are two completely different things. If you stop lifting weights, continue the same eating plan and dont replace that exercise yes..100% you will lose your muscle and definition and gain fat..but this is simply becasue you are ingesting more calories then what you are burning and your metabolism is getting kicked in the gut. People..can you expect beautiful clear skin if you dont wash your face? No.. what about if you wash your face for a year..have incredible wrinkles.. and then stop. .. a year from stopping would you still expect the same glowing healthy skin? I hope not..or you will be leading a life of disappointment. YOU GET WHAT YOU WORK FOR!

4-I Cant work out..I have no time. B.S.. first..we all have time for things we really WANT to do..why? Becasue we make them a priority in our lives and other things have to work around them. Period. 10min warmup, 20min HIIT workout, 30 minutes of weights and cool down or split the cardio and weights.. 30min brisk walk at lunch time and after kids go to bed do some weights...the dishwasher can wait.. One hour a day. You cant squeeze 1 hour a day for your health, wellbeing and sanity? The average canadian spends between 4-6hours a day in front of the TV. Whhhaaatttt????? Prioritize your life. Imagine your body a year from today if you committed to one hour a day.. the days will pass away whether you hit the gym or not so Get. It. Done!

5- The kids are my priority right now. AWESOME. Your kids should be your prioity..but is this your excuse for not hitting the gym?  I cant tell you how many times I hear this as an excuse for so many things!  What exactly are you teaching your kids if you run for them and dont ever put yourself first? Have you noticed that we are slowly creating a world of spoiled brats? Why? Becasue the world has and always does revolve around them. My kids know that I am there for them. They know that I have changed careers to be able to be with them more. But..friends, they also know that I am fiercely independant. .that I am not their maid or servant and that being healthy is of the utmost importance for all of us...not just them. Dont just talk the talk! My daughter came home from school with the student of the month award for... confidence and self esteem... woop woop!! Parent WIN!!! If I can teach her to take care of herself, help lift others up and be exactly who she wants to excuses, then im on the right path. Honestly..I am a much better mom when I can hit the gym..I can handle meltdowns, I can calmly look at situations with an open mind becasue I have worked on myself and my own brain while running my butt off on the treadmill.  There is a reason when on a plane if the oxygen masks come down -you put yours on first.. then your childs...  you are no good to them if you are not healthy or in a state of mind to help. Take care of yourself, set the example, find a sitter for an hour, throw them in the stroller, do sports togther..whatever it takes to get active and show your kid how important it truly is and how you can and should be exercising throughout your entire life.

Activities we do togther: golf, roller derby/scooter/skate park, baseball, soccer,  frisbe, biking, swimming,  dirt bike, living room dancing, road hockey, yoga, park play

Be the example!!! 

Xo Kara

Shoulders, Butt and healthy snack

I ♥♥♥♥♥ Shoulder day :) and when I pair it with glutes, im working two big muscle groups and they are excellent for super setting. I added in some calves too for good measure and becasue I need to trim them.

Starting to see more definition in my arms... awesome, and less jiggle in the tush.. awesomer :)

Warm up on the elliptical 5min then 60sec fast forward, 60 seconds fast backwards..jump off and perform one of the following exercises..10-20reps depending on your fitness level:

Mountain climbers
Body weight squats
Jump in jacks

Then back on and repeat the 60/60 until you go through the list.  Cool down.

Lateral raises **pic
Cable kickbacks
Reverse flys
Calf machine**pic
Shoulder press **pic
Standing calf raises
Step ups
Chest raises
Hip raises

Again, remember that I superset so pic a couple exercises in opposite muscle groups and perform back to back without rest. This keeps the heart rate up and gets you in and out of the gym in record time.  Stretch muscles between groups.

**if you are unsure of theses exercises..a quick google and you will find great descriptions,  videos and pics to help you out.. ive included some below too :)

Also included a great healthy protein rich snack option, awesome post workout for muscle recovery. .and super filling!

-1/2c unsweetened plain Greek yogurt (preferably organic)
-2scoops Arbonne protein powder (vanilla)
-handful of fresh organic berries..these are from my house and I stewd them a little to release their juices.
**mix and top with some sliced raw almonds

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Long weekend, Thanksgiving → the aftermath

I can tell you how I didnt make it to gym enough (like since last wednesday :/ ), how the turkey, Mashed potatoes, stuffing and GRAVY, was just too much for my willpower to handle this far out from competitions (two nights in a row) , how the wine, hard cider, liqueurs,  and beer were flowing freely (and how the water was not) and how I feel quite bad about it all..

But it honesty, I don't.

Do I wish I wouldnt have gone back for a second piece of homemade pumpkin pie..sure..that was a little overboard,  but good times were had, and really, it happens twice a year . Thanksgiving and Christmas... well at least the food part anyways!

So..yes, today at the gym I was feeling it. My energy levels were lower, my waist was a little thicker, my motivation, not as high.. but the point is..I was there, getting the reps in, sweating it out on the elliptical, doing the crunches. AND I feel better now then I have all weekend long.

The best things you can do after a binge: 1-drink a ton of water -2workout -3forget about it!

Every day is a new day to make decisions that make you healthier and stronger.  Set your goals and put the plan in place to get it done.  If you interested in competing,  would like more information about what it takes, don't hesitate to ask! I have put my contact info below as well as a pic (thank you interest!) as to what categories and what the "look" is for each.. where you fit in might be personal preference, body shape, or a combination.. lets chat!

Be the light my friends!

Kara Johnston
Comment on The Blog and we can connect!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Clean Eats

Clean eating is a term that is thrown around often but what exactly are the rules?

I have included Tosca Reno's rules below..simple it out and carry with you as a reminder. She is the Queen Bee of clean eating and though it has been around a very Lon time, Tosca realky brought it forward to Joe blo Public to grasp and run with.

Here are my top rules, Tosca has a few more below:

1-the produce section is your new BFF. And yes.. not just BF.... but Best Friend FOREVER.. get rid of the nasty "D" work my friends..this is not a diet..this is a lifestyle change you will make from this day forevermore. Vegetables gov you the vitamins, fiber and nutrients your body needs. Adding a greens supplement (yah Arbonne!) Helps to make sure you are getting everything you should be...just make sure you dont take the supplement INSTEAD of eating properly... high quality supplements are made to add and enhance your diet plan... not to be an excuse not to follow it.

2-ditch the sugar. Every product found in thise middle isles of the grocery store contain extra, added, unnecessary sugars. We are so used to consuming incredibky high quantities that this os often the hardest part for people starting to eat clean.... over time, your body will adjust admins not crave that legal cocaine.. shop the perimeter of the grocery store and keep your sugar intake in check.

3- water water water 2-3+ litres a day!

4-balanced exclusions. Their is nothing in a clean eating diet plan that says to completely eliminate carbs, dairy, fats, gluten, etc etc and any other fad diet elimination diet going.  It is abiut choosing the right ones..plain and simple!  Again,  this is a lifestyle and food is pleasure.. so swap out bleached and refine white flour or oat,  coconut, or brown rice flour.  Swap out the margarine (please please.please do this!!!!! Margarine is closer in composition to plastic then it is to food) for cold pressed extra virgin olive oil or real butter.  Your plate should have protein, complex cards and verges..

**for example lean chicken breast with basil and garlic pesto, quinoa salad, steamed asparagus.

-pass on takeout.  Find the time, make the time to cook and eat at home. Sit with your family, enjoy your meal, eat slowly and stop when full. Looking at that takeout burger, there is nothing of value in it...every part has been made in a lab, with very little standards on ingredients and additives.

If you eat clean 90% of the time your body will flush toxins and fat, you will have more energy and you will lose weight without even seeing the inside of a gym. It is time to stop this obesity epidemic..and we can only control ourselves... it starts right here, right now, with ourselves.

Eat, exercise, inspire,

Monday, 6 October 2014

Cheater, cheater

So after a weekend of indulgent dinners and drinks, I wanted to hit the gym to sweat as much as possible.

Mondays can be tough getting back in the groove and I find if I dont start the week right..things can go off the rails pretty quickly.

Today's focus was intervals, high intensity, short bursts of 100% effort..and then stretching it all out.

Brisk walk on the treadmill to start and get things loose and limber then 4sets of the following  with no rest between exercises but about a min rest between sets.

15 mountain climbers, skipping rope 45sec count, 6 burpees,  6 kettle ball lunges each leg, kettle ball swings x5, walk in plank x10

20step ups, 6 kettle ball swings, bent iver double knee jumps x12, jab then hook on the punch in bag x10 per side... repeat two times to count as one set.

Crunches on body ball x20, oblique crunches with 6lb weight x20, plank 30seconds repeat two times to count as one set

I followed this up with some super high rep legs

-150leg extensions no weight
-100inner and outer thigh machine . Low weight
-3 sets of 20 leg raises with hip up

I then took a long time to foam roll out ny legs, IT band, glutes as they were still sore from last week. I also had some time and got into a conversation  with a local power lifter who gave me some great tip on opening up the hipflexors and proper squatting techniques.  ***always be open to hearing advice....up to you to decide whether it is valid, whether to take it or not, but if you want to progress as an athlete (and as a person for that matter!) Being open to advice is else do we learn?

I will do a full foam roller blog post soon as this is an excellent way to really work your muscles, have them recover better and faster, to ease body pain, and to realign your posture.

Also a note on the indulgent weekend :/  .. a little overboard with the food and alcohol consumption.  Yes.  Will I get down on myself, ruin this weeks diet and exercise plan, and basically call off my figure competition plans.. NO WAY! We often let one slip up ruin so much... would you slash your other three tires hust becasue one is? Of course not....why do we do this when it comes to diet and exersices?

Just start again.

Attached below is some examples of intervals you can do at home! No excuses!!!


Friday, 3 October 2014

Shoulders with Brad Gaines ;)

Shoulders today !!! I have to admit, I also do love working muscles that you can see in the mirror. . See progress, see different muscle groups, see exactly what you are working.. (is that the muscle you are supposed to be working??? )

I was looking for some.inspiration and crewmember an athlete I would occasionally youtube.. Brad Gaines.  Seriously... LADIES... you need to look him up.. I have attached his youtube video below that I followed for my work out today... your welcome ;)

Started with 40min of cardio.. first time running on the treadmill!! Wooohoooo . O felt a little shaky and so after some advice from a good friend not to push it with my knee (thanks Jeff!) I decided to go 30sec walk, 30sec fast walk, 30sec jog (level9) 30sec run (level 10.5) . After a good warm up I completed this set of 4 -10times..then cool down.

I picked 7 of the exercises and did 3x sets of 12-15reps.  I attached a one of the "around the world" and the "steering wheels" .. ya ya.. I dont go to the gym to look pretty either.. red face, sweat, and my favorite t-shirt :) .. another post about gear, gym outfits, and what you need to workout coming soon..hint..its not much!

Stretch and cool down, sauna, shower and ready for a good weekend !!!

Xoxo enjoy the video but dont get caught up on it then go to the gym, or grab some soup cans and get the exercises done!!!


13 Killer Shoulder Exercises for your Shoulder Wo…:

Baby got Back (_!_)

A**, booty, bum, keister, tush, badonkadonk, behind, booty, caboose, derriere,  unit, duff, funny, moneymaker, rear, rump, trunk, hiney, arse, butt, bottom, glutes, shelf

They all mean the same thing...  your gluteus maximus is a major player when it comes to building muscle and losing fat.

Your bum is the largest muscle in your body and so..the more calories it will make your body burn.  You cannot shape fat but you can work on building muscle to give you that round booty.

Genetics does play a role in muscle development but remember, super skinny can still have a flabby butt!

Also.. have a strong gluteus can help with hip and back problems. Weak glutes really impact your entire muscular system.

Women tend to be more in tune with the look of their bum.. i guess partly because men are as well :/ . It is a very sexy part of a womens body and for better or worse , it will be pinched, slapped, and stared at for eternity. Men, on the other hand tend to workout the things they see in the mirror..namely chest and biceps....

Leg day is a pretty long workout butt (ha!) worth the work to build a balanced figure, round, strong booty, and solid core.

Here's what today's workout looked like:

Warm up - recumbent bike 20min

All exercises are super set - 3x sets of 15 reps unless noted

Sumo squats (inner thigh) with kettle ball
Outer thigh leg lifts

Body weight squats
Bridge extensions with plate (22lbs)

Walking lunges 25reps
Calf raises 25 reps

Hamstring curl machine (50lbs)
Leg extension machine (no weight yet :( working on it :) )

Glute kick back machine (50lbs)
Leg press (110lbs)

Finished up with a big compound exercise using the easy curl bar
-dead lift→row x3 then dead lift →row→shoulder press repeating each set of 4 moves 4ish times to count as one set.. rest repeat for 4sets.. Wheff!!!

Finished with some crunches and lots of stretching... may not be able to sit on the toilet seat tomorrow...always a sign of a good leg day ;) .

Keep pushing, keep shining!!! Xoxox