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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Once you go Greek......

Greek yoghurt that is ;) .

Did you kbow that greek yoghurt has 3x times more protein then the regular stuff?

It is also not as pasteurized leaving more of the good bacteria our gut needs to stay healthy and keep our immune in top work in order.

It is an excellent healthy snack. Mix in your own berries (rather then buying the premixed, sugar laden varieties), homemade granola, I love adding in protein powder for a post workout "pudding" and it is an excellent substitute for sour cream or mayo.

Buy organic. Choose one low in sugar. Even kick it up a notch and look for a product called "Kefir". It is also a fermented milk product and contains huge amounts more probiotics then regular yoghurt and greek yoghurt!. Add it into smoothies, or mix with some of your greek yogurt as it contains more strains of  bacteria and yeast then in traditional yogurts. Kefir is excellent for all ages from babies to elderly and is very easy to digest.. highly recommend!

Did you know "probiotics"  actually means "for life" ..  can you guess what "antibiotics" means... :( . If you ever have to take antibiotics... dont forget your servings of life too! And its not just meds that deplete those digestive enzymes..stress, sugar, processed foods, antibiotics eaten through our farmed meat, and pesticides through commercial growing practises all play a part in killing our immune system.

Go greek for a healthy and filling snack!

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