Thursday, 30 October 2014

Getting comfortable

Its been a few days!!! I have still been doing all of the right things.. well with the exception of a really fun Halloween dance  this past weekend where I did a lot of all the wrong things ;) but fun was had, best couples costume was won (yep.. thats Curt a little out of his comfort zone perhaps?? And me a little too into being Slash for the night :/)

Which brings me to todays post as i was lookin through my journal and noticed I like to hit up the  recumbent bike a little too often for warm up. Yes, ive still been doing the HIIT cardio but thought I should change up my warm up as I like to get good and sweaty befor I touch any iron.

So..for the first time post cast I jumped on the rowing machine.. something I used to love like crazy becasue of the intense workout it gives for your entire body.. taking the Tabata mentality I did short bursts of quick rows followed by resting periods of moderate rowing - 30sec of each.. after 25min I was dripping and ready to do glutes.

Look back through your journal every once in a while, take note of any patterns as this can really kill your fitness gains.

Comfort = Little progress

Keep pushing, keep your goals in sight and visit them daily, stay motivated and be a light in this world!! Xo


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