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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Clean Eats

Clean eating is a term that is thrown around often but what exactly are the rules?

I have included Tosca Reno's rules below..simple it out and carry with you as a reminder. She is the Queen Bee of clean eating and though it has been around a very Lon time, Tosca realky brought it forward to Joe blo Public to grasp and run with.

Here are my top rules, Tosca has a few more below:

1-the produce section is your new BFF. And yes.. not just BF.... but Best Friend FOREVER.. get rid of the nasty "D" work my friends..this is not a diet..this is a lifestyle change you will make from this day forevermore. Vegetables gov you the vitamins, fiber and nutrients your body needs. Adding a greens supplement (yah Arbonne!) Helps to make sure you are getting everything you should be...just make sure you dont take the supplement INSTEAD of eating properly... high quality supplements are made to add and enhance your diet plan... not to be an excuse not to follow it.

2-ditch the sugar. Every product found in thise middle isles of the grocery store contain extra, added, unnecessary sugars. We are so used to consuming incredibky high quantities that this os often the hardest part for people starting to eat clean.... over time, your body will adjust admins not crave that legal cocaine.. shop the perimeter of the grocery store and keep your sugar intake in check.

3- water water water 2-3+ litres a day!

4-balanced exclusions. Their is nothing in a clean eating diet plan that says to completely eliminate carbs, dairy, fats, gluten, etc etc and any other fad diet elimination diet going.  It is abiut choosing the right ones..plain and simple!  Again,  this is a lifestyle and food is pleasure.. so swap out bleached and refine white flour or oat,  coconut, or brown rice flour.  Swap out the margarine (please please.please do this!!!!! Margarine is closer in composition to plastic then it is to food) for cold pressed extra virgin olive oil or real butter.  Your plate should have protein, complex cards and verges..

**for example lean chicken breast with basil and garlic pesto, quinoa salad, steamed asparagus.

-pass on takeout.  Find the time, make the time to cook and eat at home. Sit with your family, enjoy your meal, eat slowly and stop when full. Looking at that takeout burger, there is nothing of value in it...every part has been made in a lab, with very little standards on ingredients and additives.

If you eat clean 90% of the time your body will flush toxins and fat, you will have more energy and you will lose weight without even seeing the inside of a gym. It is time to stop this obesity epidemic..and we can only control ourselves... it starts right here, right now, with ourselves.

Eat, exercise, inspire,

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