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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Long weekend, Thanksgiving → the aftermath

I can tell you how I didnt make it to gym enough (like since last wednesday :/ ), how the turkey, Mashed potatoes, stuffing and GRAVY, was just too much for my willpower to handle this far out from competitions (two nights in a row) , how the wine, hard cider, liqueurs,  and beer were flowing freely (and how the water was not) and how I feel quite bad about it all..

But it honesty, I don't.

Do I wish I wouldnt have gone back for a second piece of homemade pumpkin pie..sure..that was a little overboard,  but good times were had, and really, it happens twice a year . Thanksgiving and Christmas... well at least the food part anyways!

So..yes, today at the gym I was feeling it. My energy levels were lower, my waist was a little thicker, my motivation, not as high.. but the point is..I was there, getting the reps in, sweating it out on the elliptical, doing the crunches. AND I feel better now then I have all weekend long.

The best things you can do after a binge: 1-drink a ton of water -2workout -3forget about it!

Every day is a new day to make decisions that make you healthier and stronger.  Set your goals and put the plan in place to get it done.  If you interested in competing,  would like more information about what it takes, don't hesitate to ask! I have put my contact info below as well as a pic (thank you interest!) as to what categories and what the "look" is for each.. where you fit in might be personal preference, body shape, or a combination.. lets chat!

Be the light my friends!

Kara Johnston
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