Tuesday, 21 October 2014

TRX.... yowza's!!!

Started today's chest and back with a little TRX work. My local gym just installed two and so Maddy and I were eager to incorporate them into the workout.  INSANE love! :)

3sets if each press, row, flys and reverse flys and aligators

holy shaking arms! Then Mercy (Maddy :) ) did dome knee crunches and I did crunches without TRX... just cant bring my knee in yet :/.

Then upping the intensity factor we superset the same muscle group until exhaustion....

-Pull ups / full range pull downs
-Incline weighted bar press/flat bench dumbell press
-bosu ball.push ups / standing rows

I can barely hold the oh on to blog at the moment as weights were upped too.. love pushing myself!

Sauna, shower, and food prep today as the weekend was busy and didnt get it done..

Below is an amazing TRX workout website with a lot of videos and info. It can be set up in your house, doesnt take a lot of room, and is a killer workout. Check it out!

Stay healthy friends!


***also did a treadmill session.. 20min incorporating some incline and side steps.. dont forget to warm up and get your heart pumping!!!

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