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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Power Breakfast.. and we're not talking coco puffs

double double coffee to go? bowl of sugary refined carbs? nothing at all?

So often we don't give breakfast the recognition it deserves and whether it is because we are rushing out the door, don't "feel" like anything, or simply have eaten Count Chocula every Am for the past 20+ years, we can start today to make better decisions about the most important meal of the day... (how often have you heard this?  Because it's true!)

First things first - have a glass of water. May not taste great, you my not want to, but just do it ok!?!? Your body has been out of food and water for how many hours? (hopefully anywhere from 6-9 ). You need to "break the fast" (yes, this is what breakfast means) and get your body up, working, and in production mode! Your bodys natural response to not eating for so long, is to slow down your metabolism & conserve energy. By continuing this "Fast" you wont be burning the calories you want in order to lose weight.... So let me say this loud and clear... SKIPPING BREAKFAST does NOT help you LOSE WEIGHT.

I find, also, that when i have a good, healthy breakfast I am more inclined to chose healthy options for the rest of the day.

There are many studies on school and work performance, energy levels, weight loss, mood swings, etc and if you are a numbers person and like studies and stats and such - check them out..some amazing differences..... all of them leading back to the fact that eating a healthy, clean, well balanced breakfast is the way to go.

Some examples of some great, quick and easy breakfast ideas:

-Scrambled egg, salsa on a whole wheat tortilla
-oatmeal with maple syrup and fresh berries
-homemade granola, unsweetened greek style yogurt (I add in a scoop of protein powder and mix with the yogurt and some crushed flax seed)
-brown rice cake with natural peanut butter and sliced banana
-toasted Ezekial bread with mashed avocado (seriously - so good)
-Homemade protein balls or bars **Please skip the cereal bars that contain more sugar then a chocolate bar
-Protein smoothie **This is my kids go-to breakfast and because I use Arbonne protein that is a vegan based protein and easy to digest with no issues of allergies, I love giving it toe them often filled with different fruits, greens, flax, almond milk - whatever i have in the fridge can go in!
-Protein Pancake - Recipe below because it is AWESOME, filling, can be made in advance, and tastes great :)  **This is my go-to breakfast with a smoothie post workout

 1/2 cup (ish) oatmeal - I like the large flake and usually just grab a handful

2scoops Protein powder

1 scoop fiber boost

dash cinnamon

1/2 mashed banana

1 egg (local) + 1 egg white

**Mash it up, throw it into a pan, flip, cut, eat.  i will make this in advance sometimes too and just reheat. Serve with REAL Maple syrup or peanut butter

Pea Protein - So Much Better then WHEY!
Makes a big pancake - I cut and keep some

I now you would rather be getting a few more ZZZ's, but the above idea really truly take 5 min or less. 5 minutes to start your day off on the right foot. Developing good habits can be tough but once it is worked into your schedule, you wont even notice! Set a good example for your kids - do you expect them to eat before school but not yourself?  Why are you putting their health first, and your health last? Show them how important it is.  Your body and your brain will thank you :)


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