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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bi's, Tri's, Back and hammy recovery

Post leg day my hamstrings are hurting. .that good, aching, burning, you know its working kinda hurt. .  So I just want to touch on muscle recovery then get into my workout from today.

General rule of thumb is to not work muscle groups back to back.   When you lift weights you are essentially tearing muscle down and you need to let them recovery so they are larger, more defined, stronger. There are some ways to help in muscle recovery and ease the pain....

■Sleep - your body goes into recovery mode and that includes your muscles... make sure to get enough!

■Diet - proper nutrition  helps to feed muscles, making them perform better and recover faster

■Stretch - and warm up .. one of the best things I can do for my sore legs is to go for a brisk walk and then stretch them out.  Think of your tight muscles like a wound up rubber band.. by smoothing and stretching you will work out the kinks

■Salt bath - Epson salts in a bathtub work wonders for detoxing and relaxing tired muscles.. I kick it up a notch with the Arbonne essentials detox bath soak... its like epson salts on speed ;)

■Massage - oh ya baby... work out that lactic acid, relax and rejuvenate. RMT's at one of the best holistic health practitioners out there.. well worth the money!!! Worst case scenario give yourself some squeezes, or try to convince your significant other to give you one... bribery always helps ;)

There was no way I was going near my legs in the weight room today so Maddy and I worked on biceps, triceps and back.. our workout looked like this:

Elliptical 25min

Rotated between three exercises to touch each muscle group →

Hammer curl **fuzzy but you can see the pic here too :) notice the dumbbell looks like a hammer.. rather then sitting flat
Tricep push up on bench ** pictures of me.. difference is where hands are placed to target triceps
1 arm row **see pic of Maddy with the kettle ball

Easy curl bar seated bicep curl
Reverse flys

Cable triceps press
Incline branch curls free weights
Lat pull down machine

We did three sets of each exercise, aiming for 15reps.. remeber.. the last ones should be really hard to get through!

Enjoy your day and get to the gym!!! Xo

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