Monday, 6 October 2014

Cheater, cheater

So after a weekend of indulgent dinners and drinks, I wanted to hit the gym to sweat as much as possible.

Mondays can be tough getting back in the groove and I find if I dont start the week right..things can go off the rails pretty quickly.

Today's focus was intervals, high intensity, short bursts of 100% effort..and then stretching it all out.

Brisk walk on the treadmill to start and get things loose and limber then 4sets of the following  with no rest between exercises but about a min rest between sets.

15 mountain climbers, skipping rope 45sec count, 6 burpees,  6 kettle ball lunges each leg, kettle ball swings x5, walk in plank x10

20step ups, 6 kettle ball swings, bent iver double knee jumps x12, jab then hook on the punch in bag x10 per side... repeat two times to count as one set.

Crunches on body ball x20, oblique crunches with 6lb weight x20, plank 30seconds repeat two times to count as one set

I followed this up with some super high rep legs

-150leg extensions no weight
-100inner and outer thigh machine . Low weight
-3 sets of 20 leg raises with hip up

I then took a long time to foam roll out ny legs, IT band, glutes as they were still sore from last week. I also had some time and got into a conversation  with a local power lifter who gave me some great tip on opening up the hipflexors and proper squatting techniques.  ***always be open to hearing advice....up to you to decide whether it is valid, whether to take it or not, but if you want to progress as an athlete (and as a person for that matter!) Being open to advice is else do we learn?

I will do a full foam roller blog post soon as this is an excellent way to really work your muscles, have them recover better and faster, to ease body pain, and to realign your posture.

Also a note on the indulgent weekend :/  .. a little overboard with the food and alcohol consumption.  Yes.  Will I get down on myself, ruin this weeks diet and exercise plan, and basically call off my figure competition plans.. NO WAY! We often let one slip up ruin so much... would you slash your other three tires hust becasue one is? Of course not....why do we do this when it comes to diet and exersices?

Just start again.

Attached below is some examples of intervals you can do at home! No excuses!!!


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