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Friday, 24 October 2014

Fatty Fruits

Sure... its full of fat but AVOCADOS contain the healthy kind (Monounsaturated) and so that 30ish grams actually help you fight the bulge, keep your heart healthy too AND you get to eat their deliciousness without the guilt...all while getting folate, fiber, cholesterol lowering phytosterols, potassium (more then a banana!), and are super filling so you eat less!

Excellent in guacamole of course, mix with egg salad, throw into your chocolate protein shake, I love them so much!!!  ..smashed on toasted rye bread with a little pepper and it couldnt get any of my favorite breakfasts/lunch/treats.. even better with some garlic ;)

They are ripe and ready to eat when the skin is dark but still firm. Cut in half, pop out the seed and scoop out the beautiful green innards!

Thats some healthy snacking :)


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