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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Long Cardio sesh (yawn!!! ;) )

So my last post I talked about changing up your workouts and not getting stuck in a rut.

Here's  a secret you should know about me and my training.. I am NOT a marathon runner.. I am not a fan of long drawn out cardii sessions.... get in, get it done, sweat as much as possibly in as little time as possible is my style.

I onced trained for a half marathon with my sister Tanya.  It took everything I had, we trained through the long cold snowy northern ontario winter long befor the sun came up.. never would I have done this on my own but right there is the power of having an awesome partner and trainer.

So back to my confession.   In all honesty if you can burn 250-350+ calories in 25 minutes .. why would you take 60minutes to do the same thing??? Ok ok so I realize this is a personality thing and some peeps love a good long run to clear the mind and not necessarily for weight loss.. sure.. a mile in 4min and a mile in 40min is STILL a mile.. so dont get discouraged by what im saying.. BUT if you could do your mile, hit some core, chest and back all in the same time frame is this not a better use of time?

Please check out my post about tje benefits of HIIT training as this is a go to for me and will really get your body shedding fat and boosting that metabolism..

Now.. to stay true to my word and truly mix things up my goal today is 60min on the bike...  ill let you know how it goes.

(Please note I would t post my goal with the complete intent on achieving it.. but ill post the pic anyways :D )

DAMN! Well this tells you how often I hit the 60min mark on the bike.... it resets to a 5min cool down and brings you back to level 1 :( no pic  but.. all good.. I did it... calories burned and workout change up. 

Now some biceps and triceps, sauna and then Halloween baking for the kids classes.

Love you all and thank you for your support, encouragement, and love ♥


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