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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Don't Flash Me ;)

Hey all!! So I get it.. I will never please everyone. Im fine with that.

I realize doing a blog I will have people who dont agree with me, and I encourage a little challenge no problem!!! It is the best way to learn and grow :)

Of all the things I have posted so far.. one that keeps coming up in conversation (mostly with guys) is that I like to wear gloves. Really? Thats what your complaining about?

Here's my response .. I love them.. I dont want calluses and rough hands..(like it for a man to have a little roughness... Sure.. but not for me) supports my wrists and feels good. Our style,  our workouts, our goals are all very different.. I will keep wearing my gloves.. if you dont want to.. np, no sweat off my back!

Saw this post on a friends facebook and thought you would all enjoy it.. for the guys!


Ok so i think this post may become a regular that is often updated as "issues" come up.. ha!

So this is kind of a funny one..only becasue I didnt really notice.. but again.. it just keeps coming up! In my original post I have a picture of my knee post surgery when the staples came out.. and yep.. I have hair on my leg! !! Well.. so, I do shave.Often actually. I also wax, epilate, and body sugar but really this us a WHOLE OTHER POST! So the picture is actually in between casts and the surgeon wasn't will in to gice me an extra 10 to give my leg a once over.. you should have seen it after 15 weeks!!! So.. i guess, I appologize if the hair insulted anyone.. actually no.. i dont really care but thought you all deserved a bit of an explanation :) .. hair removal post to come closer to  competition ;) .

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