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Friday, 31 October 2014

Liquid calories :'(

If you can drink it.. it doesnt count. PFFFFF !!! The coffee shop and convenience store offers a wealth of liquids that can throw your "diet" right off the tracks.

Do you love your frappuccino with flavour shot and extra whip? A Starbucks Peppermint (ahh sound s like a spa) white  Chocolate Mochaccini contains (not including the artificial colours and flavours) a crazy 78grams of sugar.. SEVENTY EIGHT.... in a coffee!!! I dare you to sit and eat 20 teaspoons of sugar (this is the equivalent people!) And not feel sick? Lets not even get into what is a so called fitness drink or the gallons upon gallons of soda that Canadians consume.
Just because it comes in liquid form does not mean it wont pack on the pounds!

Can these things be a treat? Sure. Can they be a daily occurrence? Not unless you are ok with the 15-20 extra pounds a year you will be adding.

Here it is in black and white.... if you consume it.. count it. You are only cheating yourself if you dont. 

How do you break the liquid habit? First.. always have water with you. Second.. make a healthier choice. Switch to a fruity herbal tea, back off on the cream and sugar in your cup of Joe, incorporate the calories in that glass of wine into your daily total instead of just ignoring, and lastly. . Like all cravings.. most go away in a few minutes so dont cave right away! Have a glass of h2o, give yourself 10min and if you are still wanting that starburst thin mint salted caramel shortbread cotton candy flavoured cream filled "coffee" well, then make it a small instead of a xtra tall double Grande ;)

Your liquids can be fuel and hydration to make your well oiled machine run or it can drag you onto the ditch.

Make wise choices by being informed!
Stay healthy my friends, 


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