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Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween ... avoid the candy coma!

How hard is it.. October 31, 10pm,  the kids are tucked into bed, the bowl of itsy bitsy chocolate bars are staring you in the face and no one would miss just one.. I mean they are so small.. I dont think they even have any calories whatsoever.. and then one becomes 5 and 5 becomes this huge pile of wrappers that you now realize add up to about 5full chocolate bars and 3days worth of calories..  and it doesnt stop there does it? Every day, one or two.. oh ya.. it keeps going right through until Christmas and we know what happens to our waistlines then :/

If you are really struggling.. keep a food journal. Every mini kit Kat and snickers has to be written down.. trust me.. you wont make it to 15 .

Also great is to have a sweet(ish) back up that will take the place of the craving for that Mr. BIG or salty chip.

Here is a really simple, delicious and filling sweet snack that keeps me on track and out of the treat bowl:

Put chocolate protein powder (the better tasting the better your dessert will be! )into a bowl and add just enough almond milk or water to make it into a thick pudding. 

I use mini muffin tins a small teaspoons worth into each cup. Freeze.. 30min is enough to harden slightly.

Then add a small tsp of natural peanut butter ( if you dont like peanut butter.. we may not be able to be friends.. but you could sub in almond butter or even the soy butter) freeze again

Top with a bit more protein pudding and freeze for the last time

Melt a little, pop them out and place into freezer bags..

When im craving soemthing sweet this is like a healthy frozen Resees PB cup!

I also.posted a picture below showing just what you would have to do to burn ONE of thise mini chocolate bars.. ... sorry.

Choose wisely! !!


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