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Friday, 28 November 2014


So.. I feel like I have been monopolizing Jacobs time and decided that instead of the ladder I will make a mob to the stair master for my HIIT... and im happy I did!

I love changing things up (im sure you know this by now) and hitting the stair master was a great way to so that.  So basically you set the speed and walk/run/jump up the steps as they come down. You xan how onto the side railings, which if you are a beginner I definitely suggest doing.  Like all cardio type machines, it is a little wierd when you at moving.. but not going anywhere!

Personally i do 5min warm up at a decent pace..  and by that time I am board out of my tree.. even with music so I start doing 1min intervals → looks something like this

1min of each of the following:
Side steps right
Side steps left
Knee lifts before step
Power jump up a step then quick jump up a step (hold the railings!!!!)
Skip a step
Hamstring curl before step
Crank up 3stepping levels

Between each minute I step regular for 30seconds .. repeat these 3times and you will be drenched in sweat, your heart will be pounding, and in a short amount of time you will go into serious calorie burning.. SWEET!

if you at focusing on your minute (or your 30 rest! Ha!) Then the time really doesfly by rather then drag on like typical cardio..


Obviously the stair master hits a major way - quads, hams, calves, and butt.. and sure.. technically you could do this on the stairs at your house ... so if thats your only option... go to it!!! But we are talking hundreds of steps here so.. the machine is a lot more convenient for that... and it also doesn't give you much choice.. the stairs are coming so can either step or fall off!

Change things up, challenge your body, dont settle, find what works for you and have fun!!


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