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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Healthy mind Healthy body

The World Health Organization states " there is no health without mental health".

We really tend to look at these (mind and body) as two separate things when they are in fact so intertwined they NEED to be addressed as one.

When I feel stressed,  it is always in my stomach. From mild butterflys to grab me a bucket becasue im going to hurl.  I didnt realize this until not long ago as is the case so often.. we need outside eyes, a journal, a third party to help us make those connections sometimes. once you recognize it, it is easier to change and heal.

Head aches, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, depression, insomnia, chest pain, ulcers, these are but a few problems that are directly linked to stress and emotional disorders. 

A few signs you may need help dealing with stress: chronic headaches,  anxiousness, changes in sleep patterns and appetite, irritable, cant concentrate, body aches and sickness are recurring. As always, talk to your doctor if you find you are always in that constant stressed out state of mind.. and do this BEFORE you start seeing some really bad physical outcomes.

How well do you handle stress? do you pour a glass of wine (or a bottle?) Do you go for a walk/hit the gym or vegetate with a bag of chips and a soap opera? do you post random "poor me" facebook status updates or do you have a close friend/family member that has an ear to listen? 

Everyone has stress. Its a part of life. Sometimes we bring it on ourselves and sometimes it is out of our hands. The key is how you can deal with it.

Some tips for living with stress: (you will note they are the same tips for being healthy!!)

-get enough zzzzzz's
-eat healthy
-drink water
-find a buddy (to talk to/work out with)

Remember too that not all stress is bad! Sometimes stress can motivate you, make you focus, give you energy, good stress also helps the immune system, and is the cause of our "fight or flight" response system. 

Seom of my personal favorite things that beat stress - gym time, boxing, roller derby, getting outside, tea, hot shower/bath, time with friends and family ... I dare you to do any of these and tell me you feel just as wound up as before you gave them a go :). 

Below is a link to an excellent study showing how various emotions affect the body.

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