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Monday, 17 November 2014

Just becasue you're wearing earphones, doesnt make your farts silent

Wow.. gym etiquette to me is typically common sense stuff and though it definitely deserves its own post. . and will get one.. I just want touch on one in particular. .. bodily gases.

Here's the thing.. when doing squats and one accidentally squeezes one out.. we can all look the other way and pretend nothing happened. .I mean that is a genuine mistake and with all that pushing~ its bound to happen to every gym rat at some point.

Im talking about constant repetitive gas.. like the "you need to go take a crap right now" kind of gas.. sure, you are eating more protein and clean carbs then normal, butt (ha!) Just go shit already and save the rest of us from smelling it through every rep.

Common sense.

Did you also know that just becasue you are wearing earphones and the music is cranked, and you can't hear yourself singing..and by default cant hear the machine gun coming out of your butt? We still can.

Here is a funny story from a few days ago.  .. ... well sort of funny, and made me puke in my mouth a little too. Post workout I love to really sweat in the sauna.. I said "bonjour" to the two ladies that were waiting to swim and proceeded into the lovely heat.  While relaxing, these ladies began a farting war.... and nope, they were not little lady squeakers. . these were full on Farts with a capital F! Proceeded by giggling and chatting which I was happy to not be able to translate.. i stayed in the sauna until I was absolutely dripping becasue I didnt think I could look them in the eye without a disgusted look on my face.. So.. all the power to them.. im sure I will see them again and im sure they wont care one bit.. possibly even do it again. . Who knows. I held my breath when l headed to the showers, got dressed back in the sauna, and held it again while leaving.. me and my weak stomach would have hurled for sure if the smell was anything like the sound :/ .

Funny story.

In kindness and consideration to others,

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