Friday, 7 November 2014

Talk Derby to Me

Roller derby girls are some of the most bad ass, passionate and incredible people  I have ever met! It speaks a lot to the character of a person who can be knocked down over and over again, and keep getting back up.

The sport is more of a sisterhood then anything else by it is also an amazing workout. We have derby wives and derby sisters and we always have eachothers backs. Your derby tram is there for you 100% through life's battles and skating it out can help clear your mind and your heart. :)

There is a reason why roller derby girls can sport the fishnets and booty shorts.. they got it going on!!! Roller skating burns around 500calories an hour and adding in our derby drills plus offskate we are crushing our workouts. Derby stance alone is like a permanent squatting position, and crossovers are all thighs baby!!!

We skate on quads (like the old fashioned skates) and not blades and full gear includes knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guard and helmet. .. which you can see still leaves a lot of room for rink rashes, bruises and the occasional skate rape (yep.. just like it sounds :/ ) .

Each bout (the derby name for game) starts with 4blockers for each team and a jammer (the one with the star on her head) when the opposing jammer passes members of the opposite team, they score a points → most points win.

Although it is not like the old school elbows flying, drop kicking, dramatized tv version, there is still hip and shoulder checking, wheel jamming, cork screw hurting, bush pushing, and leg whipping that makes it a very INTENSE sport .. all while speed skating (esp if you are the jammer) around the track.

Can you see why I Love♥ it!?!?

Is there injuries? Sure, there can be just like in any sport. You cant expect to lace up and start hitting people if you have neither 1-skated or 2-been involved in athletics/high intensity sport before and then of course accidents can happen. I have been more seriously injured in both volleyball and basketball then I have been on the derby track.

Our team has partnered with a local college. They offer us the use of their gym two days a week and we teach students how to skate and play sharing our equipment. We have had some really awesome girls come out!!!

I can't wait to get back on skates after the holidays!!!

If you have ever thought you would like to be a derby girl, or ever wondered what its like to lace up some quads, let me know! As long as you are over 19, you are welcome to attend any of our practises and try it out.

Be your own Hero!

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