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Monday, 17 November 2014

The humble potatoe

Why do potatoes get such a bad wrap?

I don't get it.

It may be true that potatoes contain a lot less nutrients then what they used to.. but this is due to commercial farming, and genetic modifications to make them whiter, bigger (or smaller!) , with thinner skins and quick maturing rates.. but guess what.. they are still an EXCELLENT source of many thibgs and should not be overlooked in a clean eating diet.

No cholesterol, low calorie and low in fats.

Excellent source of vitamin C (healthy bones, teeth,  gums, hair, and skin)

Vitamin B6 & B1- healthy nervous system and increased energy

Iron, zinc and copper for healthy blood, bones and teeth

Potassium for blood pressure

Folic acid requirement for making new cells and blood health. . Hugely important for pregnant mothers

Rich in fiber.. keeps you regular and feeling full

Clean carbohydrate that gives your body and brain energy

These are incredible health benefits,  add in some sweet potatoes or purple ones and you can add to that list now..  dont ignore taters! !!

Now.. you know im not talking french fries, tater tots, or mashed with huge quantity of butter and cream... they can taste delish "friend" with a touch of olive oil in the oven, baked with some unsweetened greek yogurt (I fool my family with this all the time!!), or mash them up but easy on the additions :D.

We grow potatoes in out small side garden and besides being incredibly fun for the kiddos to dig up, they are super easy (plan and leave them till fall), they taste SO much better then store bought and they last a long time in cool temperatures.   When we run out I also like to buy locally grown ones from Craig Haven farms (we also get our eggs and.some veges there too along with pumpkins and hay rides :) ) .. the beautiful pink potatoes below are from them. Try to buy locally.. it is typically cheaper and much better for you!!! Or even.. grow your own :) .

Way to go Potatoe.

Eat clean, train dirty :)

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