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Friday, 28 November 2014


Have you heard of Lamily?  No? Have you heard of Barbie? Pretty sure thats a yes.

Well..Lamily is the "Barbie" made with the proportions of the average american teenager.

I have included the post below and encourage you to check it out! Did you know it would be physically impossible for a human to ha e the measurements of a barbie doll?

Are our children influenced by this toy? Did you play with them? Is thisnpitting pressure on young women to meet insane standards and how does it affect their body image?

Personally.. I played with them... and i would have played with Lamily too without even thinking about her hips or waist size..especially if it was easier to get thise damn cloths on! Kids look with different eyes..what child doesn't think their mother is beautiful??  It is only when we start putting our ideas of beauty on them that they begin to develope an attitude of what is "perfect" .

If my daughter constantly hears how I hate my thighs need to be smaller and my boobs need to be bigger.. then of course they are going to also project those ideas on themselves. Do I want my kids to be healthy, eat right, and stay active? Of course! That takes educating them and encouraging them.

Simple negative remarks about ourselves (or them!!!) creates the vision of what beauty is for our kids.

Be a positive influence..teach your kids (and yourself!) What beauty really is → confidence, health, a positive attitude, their smiling face, being active, caring about yourself enough look your best at the same time being happy with your body and whatever journey you are on.

Be the light for your kids to see


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