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Monday, 3 November 2014

What would you change about your body?

This is such an EXCELLENT video.. Please watch and share.

Ask yourself.. what would you change about your body??? Now ask your children.. I bet there will be very different answers.

I am guilty of the same. I can occasionally get caught up in wanting bigger breasts or a smaller bum though most often my fitness goals are for more energy,  more flexibility,  less body fat... I have to remeber to keep my goals health based and not trying to fit into the society norms/expectations... and certainly a girl who likes to lift as much as i do is not a society norm. Less belly fat = less heart disease, cancers,  diabetes ... not just trying to fit into a small size jean. . Now, sure, part of my motivation is look good...of course! !! I would be lying if I said otherwise.. but it is beauty on my own terms. Be proud of yourself and your journey.

What are your fitness goals? And more importantly WHY??? the more true you are to yourself, the more success you will have.

Pleas check out this video.. it will help you in determining what is important ~ and make you smile too.

Xo in health and happiness

I.want to amend the post a litttle as u have many friends who have had work done and (they know this) I want you to know that I pass no judgment.. this entry is all about deciding what is right for YOU and no one else. Be the best YOU you can be and set your goals according your own journey. ♥♥♥♥♥

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