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Monday, 24 November 2014

Chocolate dipped Strawberry Protein Bars

I swear this is not a cruel joke.. I'm not lying to you either.

These are Heaven.

I have been doing my very best to stay out of the kids Halloween candy and frankly,  its been going quite well but only becasue I have come up with a plan... make healthy treats!

I have made my fair share of protein balls to curb the sweet cravings and though I absolutly love them and make them slightly different each time.. I needed a change... and well.. here it is!

Simple, few ingredients, no bake, and so yummy ..... pretty proud of this!

21/2c strawberries (I only had frozen on hand.. thawed and they worked great) blend till smooth
1cup of each coconut flour and vegan vanilla protein powder.. mix together till forms a soft dough and spread it on wax paper on sheet.. thickness is up to you.

Place in fridge and melt 1c (ish ;) ) dark chocolate  and spread over strawberry protein base.

I added sliced almonds to half leaving the other clear so kiddos could pack it in their lunches (no nut school policy) .

Once dark chocolate has hardened up, remove from fridge, cut into bars or squares, pack up and back to fridge...

Try them!

*** other protein powders will work ok too but the pea & brown rice combo of Arbonne really is better for flavour and easily digestible.  It is also vegan, gmo free, and doesnt contain artificial colour or flavours. The flavour of your protein is paramount in this recipie!!!


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