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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Let your light shine!

Walking the Stage…why this title?

Well - with any fitness competition you are actually walking on stage, bikini clad (mini, teeny, tiny bikini i might add), in froth of hundreds of people… takes some guts right!  I was more nervous stepping out on that stage then almost anything I have done thus far in my life..and to put that into perspective, I like sticking my neck out  - from starting a new business venture (multiple actually), trying out for regional and provincial sporting competitions, walking down the isle, learning something new, talking in front of large crowds, putting gym heart and opinion on the line..I'm the kind of girl who believes in the saying "If your dreams don't scare you…they aren't big enough".  Not sure who said it, but i defiantly live by that mantra.

Walking across that stage, wearing next to nothing, being judged on my body. My body that took hours  upon hours of work, sweat, blood, and some tears (mostly from the full body waxing ;) )…having people look at you and tell you what parts of you just isn't up to park for the competition can be really really tough. Especially as women, we are so self conscience of the numbers on the scale, of the latest fashion trends, of the "role models" (please note i use this term with a large dose of sarcasm) that we see in every magazine & movie, constantly comparing and very often bad mouthing ourselves in the process.

We can be our own worst nightmare.

Imagine saying out loud to someone else what we often say to ourselves .. never would right?  because it is to insulting?  because you would lose that friend forever?  Why then, do we allow ourselves to talk down, to embarrass, to diminish our self worth?

I was SHOCKED at my own reaction when it came down to stepping out on that stage… I LOVED it!  Was i nervous..absolutely! Most things worth doing take you out of your comfort zone.  I did not care one little bit what the judges thought or where I placed against my competitors.. I was just so stinking proud that I did it that i could have finished dead last and it would not have taken that smile off my face.  Did I set new, more difficult goals for the next competition? Yep.  Did I want to be leaner, see more of my lower abs, have more definition in my back, etc etc..of course!  that is what sport is about…..being better every time you go out.

I can guarantee you, that if you make it through the program, stick to your diet plan, get in the cardio and weights, and really make that commitment to yourself, you will walk that stage like you were born to do it!!!  Set the deadline, get a plan in order, and see it through.

Looking forward to this journey!!
Let your light shine my friends,
XO Kara

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