Thursday, 4 September 2014

8 glasses.. pfff…. not even close!


If you get nothing else from this blog, PLEASE , read this one!!

Water makes up 60%+ of our body, EVERY cell in your body needs water to properly function and I know, I know, you have heard it over and over again - drink your water, at least 8 glasses a day. The whole 8 glass rule - 64 ounces - really only replaces the water your body uses to exist and does not take into account temperature, activity level, weight, hight, diet etc.  This is the MINIMUM you need to drink in a day..and we are talking water here - not coffee, not soda pop, not beer :)

Ladies you should be drinking a min of 3 litres up to a max of 5 or 6 litres (men..even more!) - again, depending on water loss and here are the main (not even close to all!!) the reasons why you should:

-Your body functions better.  Bodily fluids are required for all of the body systems - digestion, circulation, transporting nutrients, elimination of toxins and waste. If you are not getting enough water, these systems are compromised and many health concerns stem from that.  Your car won't run without gas right?  How about oil? Coolant?  Nope, nada - and damage happens when these liquids run out…why then do you take care of your car better then you take care of your body?

-You won't retain water.  Our bodies are made to survive and so when we are not getting enough water our bodies store it, unsure when we will get more. Swelling, water retention, bloating can all be reduced when your body starts flushing water, knowing it will be replenished.

-Regular digestion…yep…I'm going there.  Cramps, bloating, constipation - gone when you get enough H2O.  As soon as our bodies don't get the liquids it needs, your brain tells your colon to start pulling water from your stool..ouch...hence the hard time on the potty. "bottom line" ;) he he- more water = regular poops

-Weight loss - guess what!?! - Water has ZERO calories.  even just swapping out your evening soda on ice will make a difference over the course of a year (never mind reducing sugar intake - and this legal cocaine addiction we all have will be a later post)  ALSO if you are drinking your 3+ litres of water won't feel hungry, you won't want to snack, you will reduce calorie consumption by filling your belly with the good stuff.

-there are so many more benefits - better sleep, more energy, firmer skin, less acne, lower muscle fatigue, balance of acidity/alkaline interior health, i could go on and on….basically, if i haven't sold you yet on the benefits of Water, search it on the old inter web and there won't be one credible study telling you otherwise.

Here is my own Water schedule:

Wake up - drink a glass (at least 8 ounces) right off the hop.  Your body has been without water take for 7 or 8ish NEED water when you wake up and it gets your metabolism off to a good start.

Then, on my (1 litre) water bottle I label the times 10, 1, 4, 7   I want to drink a liter of water by each of those times. having it written is just a little mental reminder and i tend to get it done when i see it every time i take a swig.

Glass of ice cold water at supper

Herbal tea at night

REPEAT day in and day out :)

Let me just touch on one of the biggest complaints I hear about drinking a lot of water, and I must say I can't help but chuckle when I hear it..even writing it now..  :D

"But i have to go to the bathroom all the time"

SERIOUSLY…. wow..K, here's the thing - first and foremost - urination is a GOOD THING.  Every time you go pee you are ridding your body of toxins and cellular waste - our bodies are made to do this!!!  Urine should be light in colour and have no or little smell . Concentration, when is comes to urination is not a good thing. Your kidneys do an excellent job of elimination when they have sufficient  fluid to do so.

Secondly, your body will adjust. Give it some time and you won't be going as often.

Before I say goodbye I would like to offer a few ways of making it easier to get in your 3 litres. I mentioned my system, and to add to that - I always keep it with me…when you have your water bottle in front of you, you will grab it without even thinking.

Maybe you need to bribe yourself?  Print up a card, have it on the fridge, and every time you get in your litre, mark it off. after a week/month whatever treat yourself to a fitness magazine or new sports bra or something.

Set your phone to remind you or i'm sure, like everything else -  there is probably an app for that :)

Make today the day you start to get your water consumption up to where it needs to be, you can do it, and your body will thank you for it!

Here's to living your best life!!
XO Kara

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