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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Workout - chest & hammies

I like to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  I like to keep my heart rate up and I work on two (or 3x) muscle groups at a time.

I begin my workouts by warming up....ALWAYS!!!! It is so important tonmake sure your muscles are warm and flexible before you start straining them .. cold muscles + workout = injury

I do my cardio which is very often a form of interval training or HIIT. ... because I get super board, and because it is super challenging. I am definitely NOT a marathon runner.

Cardio :

Elliptical (easy on the knees) 5ish min warm up level 2  .im trying to breAk a sweat here.

Then intervals..for 12 min I do 45seconds, level 5and keep my strides at at least 9 then 15seconds level 1

Then followed that with 12 min of 30seconds  keeping stride at 9+ then 15seconds all out hard as I can then 15seconds maintaining a 7+stride which brings my heart rate back down.

I then cool down level 1 5min. 

By the end of this cardio session I am dying..exactly what I want to be doing.

I then do an overall body stretch.

Chest exercises:

Flat bench press
Incline bench press
Push up

Hamstring exercises:

Dead lift
Seated leg curls
Cable/pulley dead lift

***if you are unsure of any of the exercises, definitely search them first..there are proper ways of do I them to get the best results and without injury.

Always use a slow steady motion...NO jerking the weights around and becasue we are not bulking up, high reps at better. So always aim for 15 reps..and 3x sets. Weight should be heavy enough that you are struggling on your last 3x reps..and dying on your last set :) . If you get to 12reps and cant do another. Take a 5ish second break and complete your last three..dont give up, always finish... these reps you struggle through will give you MOST benefit ~ mentally and physically!

Alternate hamstrings then chest with no break in between. This is called a super set and I typically always do this as it saves time and keeps the heart rate pumping!

Here is my example:

Dead lift with free weights (hamstrings) 25lb weights
Alternate back and forth with
Flat Bench Press on smith machine 15lbs per side.

I always keep my journal to know if I need to go up or down in weight for next time and to see my progress.

Next time I do dead lifts  I will use 30lb dumbbells.

When I completed the exercises I did some crunches/sit ups and push ups.

The humble push up is incredibly good for chest, back, shoulders and core. It is an exercise that can be done anywhere....I have been known to do pushups, squats, crunchies, lunges, and leg lifts during layover in the airport.

If you cant do a full push up with straight back and tight core, then try a GI Jane where you split your legs. It will give you more leverage and balance. Thrn go to you knees.  Always start with a full, do as many as possible (even if that is 1!) And drop to Jane's and then to knees..over time, as your strength grows, you will notice an increase in the full ones!!!

Check out the picks to help you!

Rock this day my friends!

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