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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Turnip the Beet

Turn it up... way up!!!! Well, at least loud enough that you cant hear your own panting through the beats :) .

Music while working out is a must for me.. at least for sure when im doing cardio, intervals,  HIIT. You just go harder.. plain and simple.

There have been quite a few studies on the benefits of music while work in out.. lots of boring stats about who did what and how it helped and what percentage increase in output etc etc... if you want that info.. its on the web.. for me, I just know it works and here are some of the benefits I've experienced:

Fast beat - Fast feet.  You keep the pace of the tunes your pump in in your ears.... music makes you want to move.. and whether you are walking, skipping, sprinting, or dancing for that 2miles.... 2miles is 2miles... any Pitbull song seems to make those steps fly by.

Its a good distraction. Five minutes looking at the clock, time dragging on, counting rep after rep, working out feels like a chore. Put on your favorite tune and that 5min you just sang through, you sailed through your reps and sets amd barley noticed. Today at the gym Eric Clapton's "Layla" came on.. and while that is a lovely wasnt helping push out that last set of chest flys.... Welcome to the Jungle by GnR followed and the seated row reps didnt seam so laborous. Disappear into the music.

You can hear yourself breathing. This is huge.  As soon as your brain registers deep, heavy, hard breathing, first thing thats going to happen is its going to try to make you stop.  Excuses slip into your thoughts, you feel more tired, your head is giving up on you... my friends, your mind will be sabotaging your progress.. drown it out!!! Cardio for me needs techno/dance music.. my playlists constantly change but currently here is my go to list:

*Anything Pittbull - Feel this moment, Wild wild love, timber, gov me everything
*Fall out boy - my songs know what you did in the dark
*Gotye - somebody that I used to know
*Kongos - come with me now
*Weezer - Undone (the sweater song)
*Avicii - wake me up
*Eminem - Lose yourself
*Nelly - Ride wit me
*T.I. - Live you life
*Karmin - I want it all
*Lady Gaga - Do what you want
*Meghan Trainor - All about that Bass

When I'm lifting...especially heavy, then I want to be more in the zone, get a little more pumped up, and slower pace - and my play list titled "Iron" comes out and looks a little like the following:

*Cracker - Low
*Mad Season - Slip away
*Black Sabbath - Iron man
**any Metallica - ♥
*Alice Cooper - Poison
**Pearl jam - all love love love♥
*Bush - swallowed
*Creed - Higher
*Staind - something to remind you
**Any Rancid tune ♥
*Theory of a dead man - Bad girlfriend
*Puddle of mudd - She hates me
*Live - I walk the line

¤¤¤¤¤¤ all of the above MUST be cranked right up ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

And of course in yoga/stretching mode the music is again changed up to more soothing, relaxing songs like the following:

*Poison - something to believe in
*Taylor swift - everything has changed
*Zaz- Eblouie par la unit
*Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - over the rainbow
*Joni Mitchel - River
*Paolo Nutini- Last Request
*Pearl Jam - Crazy Mary

Treat yourself to a new song every week. If it gets you through your workout easier, or even better, pushes you harder, then it is a great investment in yourself. It is also a great reward for a week of putting your time in and eating healthy!

Rock this day my friends!!! xo


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