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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Don't "find" yourself...Create yourself!!!

How do you walk the stage of your life?

So often we just kind of bump along the road, absorbing what is thrown at us, managing as best as possible, juggling, balancing, trying our best to be a good mom, sister, wife, janitor, chef, friend, accountant, boss, employee, etc…. and we don't actually sit down and think "what do i truly want? what would make me happy? what would make me better at all of those things? what do i want my life to look like in a year, 5 years, 10 years?"  

Grab a notebook, open up an app on your phone, power up the laptop..time to ask and answer!

Create the life you want, create the body you want, create the opportunity that lets you make the decisions as to your five year plan from here on out.  You can only do that by putting yourself first sometimes.  Taking a couple hours out of the day to write a journal, hit the gym, read a self help book, plan and cook your healthy meals for the week…WHATEVER…as long as it helps you get closer to who you want to be.  DO WHAT SERVES YOU.  Does crushing candy for two hours make you a better person/mom/wife?  How about endlessly creeping old BF on Facebook? Be strong enough to put some limits on yourself - want to build an online farm?????  Ok - how about allowing 30min to do that, set an alarm and Turn It OFF when it goes off?  then taking the rest of that hour and half and create a collage, go for a walk, play frisbee wight he kids, learn a new recipe, have a round of Crazy 8's with your hubby .  

I don't want to harass or parent anyone reading my blog, I just want  you to realize that the decisions you make and the actions you take Directly reflect the Life you have.  Want something different?   Guess what!  You have to Do Something Different!  Better Decisions = Better Life  

Walk your own Stage. Make decisions you are Proud of.  Let go of mistakes.  Bring on each new day, each new challenge, with your best self.


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