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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Burpee to Pull up !?!?!? Whattttt!?!?!?!

You know me by now.

You know I like to up the ante on a regular basis.

You know I want to push myself

You know that when I see an improvement/gain I ALWAYS want more. it is. After the celebration pull up post it was time to raise the bar.

Ok.. so... who likes burpees? Anyone? Anyone? I know.  But the reason they are such a hated exercise is becasue they work so damn good! You are hurting/tired/and probably swearing in all of 60seconds.

Now...Up the ante. 

When you jump. .do a tuck jump which just means bring your legs up higher and bend your knees.

Do a full push up when you go down rather then just kicking your legs back.

Do all of the above and then add in a jump amd pull up under a bar. (See pic below)

10 of these bad boys and you will hurting...well I was hurting. Maybe you can do more, maybe you can one. You will never do any unless you try to.

When Maddy and I do pull ups in the gym, we get a few comments and a few looks. It feels good to be rewarded for how hard we have been working at this and it also pushes us not to stop. The lesson here though is I have no doubt there were a few stickers when we couldn't even pull up one rep for one set.. our faces showed how hard we were trying.. and we wouldnpause before attempting again becasue we knew we looked stupid....BUT it didnt matter. We had/have a goal and the only way to get there is to start with one.

Dont be intimidated by anyone else. Your value as an athlete (or mom or professional or anything else for that matter) does not depend on what others think of you. Sometimes we let a handful of naysayers deter us from what important in our lives. 

For myself, being able to do pull ups is about being strong, being in control of my body, calling the shots of what I want to accomplish, looking good, feeling proud, and proving people wrong ;) . I love doing that! It is about making my body better becasue I owe it to myself to be the best I can be and funny looks from peanut gallery as I am part way through my journey wont stop me from carrying on..dont let it stop you!

One pull up at a time my friends,  one pull up at a time.. always pushing to do more. There is such strength in that.


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