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Friday, 6 February 2015

No equipment Leg Day

I wanted to incorporate a work out that was intense but also that you could do at home.

Many people dont have the luxury of going to the gym, or feel uncomfortable there,  or have no idea how to use most of the machines.  There are many exercises that are great to do at home.

Here is a leg workout that can be done any time any where..and boy.. do you feel the burn.

One leg bridge. You would not believe how much this burns. Want a nice round booty? Do these. 20/leg..keeping back straight and leg extended. Push with the foot touching the floor until you are in a bridge for a one second count and slowly lower. Switch feet. S-t-r-e-t-c-h.

Fire hydrants with extension. On all fours you raise bent knee up and then extend your foot out. 20/leg .

Rainbows. Keeping a tight core slowly move leg from right to left creating a rainbow in the movement. This works the inner and outer thigh in a big way. 20 each leg!

Curtsy lunges. You cross your leg over the back before lunging. This is so much more intense though I find it hard on the knees so I do 20 regular lunges and curtsy lunges were 15reps.

Sumo squats. Feet slightly turned out so that you are hitting your inner thigh. Up the burn by raising your heels. 20 like this, 20 with single heel raise, 20 with other heel raise..all done consecutively. Your feet will be shaking by the end of this!

No pictures but then we did calf raises. We used the weighted machine but find a stairs, hang your heels off and press up and release. 20/leg

We followed those with kick backs. Again..we used a weighted machine but it is not necessary. Stand holding onto a chair and slowly raise your leg back behind you squeezing your bum, lower and repeat 20/leg.

If you can do the circuit more then once, great! If up to it or do as many as you can. You will feel it.

Stay healthy

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