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Monday, 17 November 2014

Protein Powder Myths

Protein powder is one of my favorite foods  as a shake and certainly past a shake too. I will go deeper into protein recipes as I blog but we need to start with finding the right kind..and also a little chit chat on some.protein myths.

First → protein powder is in fact "Real Food" and certainly part of a clean eating diet. I am not telling you to consume only protein as your body does need vitamins, nutrients, minerals, carbs and fats from a  large variety of sources.  Protein powders are derived from food. Hemp protein is made from the production of hemp seed oil for example; it is simply made more convenient by turning it into a powder form. Look for naturally sourced proteins when shopping.

Second → they are all full of artificial ingredients.. this is like saying all popcorn is bad for you based on the overly salted, too much melted margarine type from the theater.  Are some proteins chalk full artifical flavours,  refine sugars, aspartame and fillers? You bet.. it is up to you to ask, read labels and research; and by all means.. just becasue an athlete is sponsoring a certain product line does not make this null and void.. nor does it mean they actually use the products..all it does mean is that they were paid a karge amount of cashola, get the product for free and wear the shirt. RESEARCH.

Third→ Protein Powder is for men only who want to bulk up.  Wow.. and here I thought we were past that... but ok.. so.. regardless of what is between your legs, if you have muscles..regardless what size they are, they need amino acids to repair and build. Amino acids are only found in protein and that is why you always see the word "essential" in front of it. Your body does not make these and you need to consume protein for your body to use them. We are talking biceps, glutes, abs as well as muscles such as your heart.. all need essential amino acids to work properly. Protein will not make your muscles bulk up. That is based on a combination of exercise program, sleep and a specifically designed diet.

Fourth → The protein is destroyed when heated. This is all over the internet and people love to throw around the word "denatured" .. so.. really lets look at this. Does the protein structure change when  it is cooked? Sure. Just like eating a raw egg rather then scrambling it. Does the quantity of protein or the nutritional value change? NOPE. Does your body absorb the same amount of amino acids? YEP.

Now that the myths are out of the way.. the next post we can talk Types! W oohoo!

Clean choices my friends!

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