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Friday, 3 October 2014

Shoulders with Brad Gaines ;)

Shoulders today !!! I have to admit, I also do love working muscles that you can see in the mirror. . See progress, see different muscle groups, see exactly what you are working.. (is that the muscle you are supposed to be working??? )

I was looking for some.inspiration and crewmember an athlete I would occasionally youtube.. Brad Gaines.  Seriously... LADIES... you need to look him up.. I have attached his youtube video below that I followed for my work out today... your welcome ;)

Started with 40min of cardio.. first time running on the treadmill!! Wooohoooo . O felt a little shaky and so after some advice from a good friend not to push it with my knee (thanks Jeff!) I decided to go 30sec walk, 30sec fast walk, 30sec jog (level9) 30sec run (level 10.5) . After a good warm up I completed this set of 4 -10times..then cool down.

I picked 7 of the exercises and did 3x sets of 12-15reps.  I attached a one of the "around the world" and the "steering wheels" .. ya ya.. I dont go to the gym to look pretty either.. red face, sweat, and my favorite t-shirt :) .. another post about gear, gym outfits, and what you need to workout coming soon..hint..its not much!

Stretch and cool down, sauna, shower and ready for a good weekend !!!

Xoxo enjoy the video but dont get caught up on it then go to the gym, or grab some soup cans and get the exercises done!!!


13 Killer Shoulder Exercises for your Shoulder Wo…:

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