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Friday, 3 October 2014

Baby got Back (_!_)

A**, booty, bum, keister, tush, badonkadonk, behind, booty, caboose, derriere,  unit, duff, funny, moneymaker, rear, rump, trunk, hiney, arse, butt, bottom, glutes, shelf

They all mean the same thing...  your gluteus maximus is a major player when it comes to building muscle and losing fat.

Your bum is the largest muscle in your body and so..the more calories it will make your body burn.  You cannot shape fat but you can work on building muscle to give you that round booty.

Genetics does play a role in muscle development but remember, super skinny can still have a flabby butt!

Also.. have a strong gluteus can help with hip and back problems. Weak glutes really impact your entire muscular system.

Women tend to be more in tune with the look of their bum.. i guess partly because men are as well :/ . It is a very sexy part of a womens body and for better or worse , it will be pinched, slapped, and stared at for eternity. Men, on the other hand tend to workout the things they see in the mirror..namely chest and biceps....

Leg day is a pretty long workout butt (ha!) worth the work to build a balanced figure, round, strong booty, and solid core.

Here's what today's workout looked like:

Warm up - recumbent bike 20min

All exercises are super set - 3x sets of 15 reps unless noted

Sumo squats (inner thigh) with kettle ball
Outer thigh leg lifts

Body weight squats
Bridge extensions with plate (22lbs)

Walking lunges 25reps
Calf raises 25 reps

Hamstring curl machine (50lbs)
Leg extension machine (no weight yet :( working on it :) )

Glute kick back machine (50lbs)
Leg press (110lbs)

Finished up with a big compound exercise using the easy curl bar
-dead lift→row x3 then dead lift →row→shoulder press repeating each set of 4 moves 4ish times to count as one set.. rest repeat for 4sets.. Wheff!!!

Finished with some crunches and lots of stretching... may not be able to sit on the toilet seat tomorrow...always a sign of a good leg day ;) .

Keep pushing, keep shining!!! Xoxox

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