Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Shoulders, Butt and healthy snack

I ♥♥♥♥♥ Shoulder day :) and when I pair it with glutes, im working two big muscle groups and they are excellent for super setting. I added in some calves too for good measure and becasue I need to trim them.

Starting to see more definition in my arms... awesome, and less jiggle in the tush.. awesomer :)

Warm up on the elliptical 5min then 60sec fast forward, 60 seconds fast backwards..jump off and perform one of the following exercises..10-20reps depending on your fitness level:

Mountain climbers
Body weight squats
Jump in jacks

Then back on and repeat the 60/60 until you go through the list.  Cool down.

Lateral raises **pic
Cable kickbacks
Reverse flys
Calf machine**pic
Shoulder press **pic
Standing calf raises
Step ups
Chest raises
Hip raises

Again, remember that I superset so pic a couple exercises in opposite muscle groups and perform back to back without rest. This keeps the heart rate up and gets you in and out of the gym in record time.  Stretch muscles between groups.

**if you are unsure of theses exercises..a quick google and you will find great descriptions,  videos and pics to help you out.. ive included some below too :)

Also included a great healthy protein rich snack option, awesome post workout for muscle recovery. .and super filling!

-1/2c unsweetened plain Greek yogurt (preferably organic)
-2scoops Arbonne protein powder (vanilla)
-handful of fresh organic berries..these are from my house and I stewd them a little to release their juices.
**mix and top with some sliced raw almonds

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