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Monday, 19 January 2015

Minor set back -pun intended :(

So ... this past week I have been struggling with a minor issue...lower back pain .

I am not 100% sure why as I certainly dont fit the profile of the majority of people who experience this (desk job, excess stomach fat, sedentary lifestyle etc.) But ..something is up for sure. I have still been able to work out this week but have stayed away from anything that is irritating.... and really focused on stretching,  rolling, and have been to the chiro and reflexologist... Friday was the absolute worst..I pretty much thought I was going to be sick and the pain began shooting down into my glutes and making my legs buckle.. since then it has been getting better but no working out...just stretch and roll and working on my back and sciatic reflexes in my feet which are super tight and sore. My soas (in the groin) is very tight from compensating for my back as well.

Here's hoping it loosens up soon. My glutes and hamstrings are very tight. A good friend, who is also an RMT gave me his vibrating thumper machine (yes yes...many jokes have been made) and it has been in good use this weekend and has helped with both pain and loosening muscles.

When you are injured,  no workout is worth it. Make sure you are healthy before pushing your body. You dont want to make things worse.

Know your body and LISTEN to it!

Here is to health and recovery!

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