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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Clean Eating day 2

Day #2 started much the same.. :)

Up at 715ish and I had a big glass of water and ate the leftover thai curry from supper the night before.. about a 2c serving.

I was very full from this right through snack so I had a mango and coffee.

Lunch (11:45)was two pieces of rye toast with a mashed avocado, pink salt and pepper..SO yummy! !!! I also had a protein ball and then headed to the gym.

Post workout was at 2:30 (and after my second liter of water) and I had an Arbonne shake (protein powder and fiber boost) with just water, some raw almonds and a banana.

While making supper I had a green tea.

Supper was meatballs made from extra lean ground beef, eggs, fiber boost powder, and oatmeal flour (grind up oats till powder..taaadaaa! ) . I made a french onion soup as a "sauce" (easy on the cheese) and served with mashed cauliflower and peas and garlic bread (which I didnt have) .

Evening snack was an orange, two Arbonne fit chews (protein and fruit bites that hit the spot when wanting something
Sweet!), and at 9:30 a Chai tea "latte" which is basically a chai tea bag steeped in hot milk..delicious, no sweetener needed and is really filling.

Feed your body!

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