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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

AB Hell

Most people on this planet would love to have a six-pack. It seems so unattainable,  it is a sign of low body fat, of commitment, and of perseverance. We all know how many crunches it takes to get them.. a friggin lot.. and we also all know that it takes a pretty lean diet as well.

Abs are made in the kitchen.

I have put together a group of exercises that works core, abdominal muscles and oblique muscles. 

Having a strong core helps to have a healthy back & hips and really affects our daily lives and the tasks we perform. 

Welcome to AB Hell.

Now..remember a few things. .just like any other exercise make sure you breath. We want to hold our breath when doing hard exercises. Make sure to take deep steady breaths. .exhale on the exertion. Dont forget to stretch too.. again these are muscles just like your shoulders and legs. Stretch to help ease the soreness that may come from a hard workout. Stretch back and hips as well. Warm up, Drink water, crank up the tunes and get them done!

I wrote the #of reps i did beside each exercise but you can start with whatever number you can do to complete all exercises..remember it should be difficult :) so maybe you can do 10of each or maybe you can do 50. Do whatever makes you struggle and if you get through it and can do more..great!

There is many differing opinions on how much and how often to work your abs. Even top trainers disagree with whether you should do a little abs every day, or full stand alone workouts with rest days in between.  They are muscles so it seems to me that some rest in between makes sense, but on the other hand we use our stomach and core daily in almost everything we do so they are used to it! I have personally had success with both so i suppose you can do what you feel works for you. 

There are many many many different exercises you can do to work your core just make sure you are always working upper, lower and obliques when doing abdominal work.

Here's to a sexy strong mid section!!


Supermans! Lijhggft legs and arms and hold

Ab Twists with Dumbell
Toe Taps - Make sure to keep tummy tight and lower back against the floor.
You want to target stomach muscles not give yourself a back ache.
25 reps
Raise leg extensions
Oblique Crunches - Pull up with opposite side not weighted
40 each side
Windshield Wipers
Make sure lower back in flat on floor
Crunchies - 25 of each style performed right after eachother
regular, knees up, feet up, froggie
Full ups - Back to floor
15reps each side
Russian Twist
50 (25 each side back and forth)
Warrior pose - Tight tight core
hold 20 seconds/side X3 times
Spidermans - Plank on hands then bring knees up to sides
15 each side **HARD!!!
Froggies **One of my favorites!
25 reps
Side Plank with rotation - Keep body in line and legs off the ground
Hold 25 sec/side X3 sets
Leaning Camel - with dumbell slow and controled moving back and forth - tight core
Tabletop to raised pike
25 reps
Toe raises against wall **HARD!!
10 reps - 3 sets
Flutter Kicks
10 each side X3sets
Back to the floor!!!
25 seconds X3 sets
Leg raises
(Or reverse crunchie)
25 reps

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